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The Magic Order: Netflix Releases Trailer For First Comic Book Series

Netflix is getting into the comic book business with The Magic Order.

The streaming service has released a full animated trailer for its upcoming comic book series, set to launch in both print and digital formats in June.

Written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Olivier Coipel, The Magic Order is the first project produced by Millar since his company Millarworld was acquired by Netflix last August.

The series follows five magical families who defend the world from supernatural threats, all of whom are contending with a new force that appears to be hunting them down. As the tagline of the trailer puts it, "They protect us, but who protects them?"

The trailer features animated versions of scenes the series' first issue, inviting readers into a modern world of witchcraft and wizardry, with many long-dormant horrors and wonders appearing ready to make their return to polite society.

Millar's history as a comic book writer has made him a recognizable hitmaker, with titles to his name including Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Kingsman: The Secret Service. Now on Netflix's staff, he is essentially the streaming service's in-house creative talent, with responsibilities that include producing stories like The Magic Order for potential adaptation for TV or film.

"What I do now is I basically create movies and TV shows for Netflix internally," Millar told Entertainment Weekly in an April interview. "So I don't create them as comics first, I just create them as stories within their system." 

"I love doing comics, so part of my deal was as well as creating this new content and shepherding the old content over the next few years," Millar continued. "I also want to do some comics on top of that, too. I'll be doing about four graphic novels a year, which is about 20 issues, which is generally what I can do in an average year."

The Magic Order is slated for a six-issue run, published by Image Comics. Issue #1 will be available on June 13.