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This Famous Office Cameo Also Appeared On Shark Tank

Fans of ABC's "Shark Tank" are used to seeing new, unknown entrepreneurs step in front of the investors. What most don't expect to see is one of the most familiar faces of retail-sold cookies prancing down that hallway leading to the "Shark Tank" stage. That's exactly what happened when Wally Amos, the face of Famous Amos Cookies, attempted to convince the Sharks to invest in his new Hawaiian cookie venture. 

There are a couple of interesting facts about Amos that viewers might not know. For instance, "Shark Tank" isn't the first time he's appeared on a hit TV series. Years before Amos presented his new business to the Sharks, he had cameo appearances on different TV shows, including one memorable scene on NBC's "The Office." 

On Season 8, Episode 15, "Tallahassee," then-boss Nelly (Catherine Tate) presents special guest Amos to the employees as an example of success. His speech continuously gets cut off by the different characters as all they truly want is a cookie sample. Amos's comedic timing is spot on, especially when Erin (Ellie Kemper) offers a flavor suggestion, which is removing raisins from the oatmeal raisin cookies. Years later, when Amos appeared on "Shark Tank," the tone is much less comedic as his business missteps led him to not being able to secure a deal for his new business, The Cookie Kahuna.

Amos' cameo didn't match the reality of his actual success

Despite his self-developed Famous Amos Cookies brand finding success, Wally Amos didn't have the savvy business mind to keep the company on the rise. Due to a $300,000 loss on sales in 1985, Amos sold the majority of the company to Bass Brothers Enterprises for $1.1 million. By 1992, the brand was marketed in retail stores across the country, and the business was then bought by President Baking Company for $61 million. 

Due to Amos forfeiting his ownership, he did not see any of that money. He was also no longer allowed to use the brand for any future business ventures. Fast forward to 2020, Amos appeared on "Shark Tank" and attempted to hook in an investment for The Cookie Kahuna.

If there's one selling point to any of a Amos' business opportunities, it's his face. As he walked toward the Shark panel, he held a life-size cardboard cut out of himself. Asking for $50,000 in exchange for 20% equity of the new company, the Sharks were intrigued by his established brand. Unfortunately, poor sales that mainly focused in Hawaii and the Famous Amos brand no longer being available for use meant Amos walked away without a deal.

Hopefully, as he is still a household name, Amos can make more guest appearances like he did on "The Office." That one brief but hilarious scene proved he's got the performance chops for whatever TV opportunity is thrown his way.