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What Is Taissa's Mirror Double Saying In Yellowjackets Episode 3, And Who Is It About?

Contains spoilers for "Yellowjackets" Season 2, Episode 3 — "Digestif"

Taissa Turner — played by Jasmin Savoy Brown as a teen and Tawny Cypress as an adult — hasn't had an easy time of it on "Yellowjackets." As a teen, she comes to terms with her sexuality while stranded in the remote woods with the rest of her soccer team after a traumatizing plane crash. As an adult, she mounts a campaign for New Jersey state senator, but when her son Sammy (Aiden Stoxx) starts having strange behavioral issues, her marriage starts to break down and she has to admit that she might be causing trouble while she sleepwalks.

That's right; Taissa keeps entering fugue states as both a teen and adult, loitering outside of her son's room in a tree while eating dirt. Taissa's troubles, along with her odd visions of an eyeless man, are still a huge mystery within the "Yellowjackets'" narrative, but a moment in Episode 3 could help unpack whatever's going on.

When she's faced with a mirror version of herself that's acting of its own accord, the mirror double mouths "go to her" to the real Taissa, who's understandably unsettled. Apparently, though, she knows what to do ... and she goes to find Van (Lauren Ambrose), her teenage love.

Taissa's inner voice is telling her to go to Van

Taissa, at the very least, seems to know what the spooky side of her is saying, which is to go and find Van. After hitchhiking across Pennsylvania, Taissa finds adult Van, giving audiences their first glimpse of the grown-up character.

Played by Liv Hewson as a teenager, Van is an essential piece of the "Yellowjackets" puzzle that hasn't been seen up until this point. After forging a relationship with Taissa, it seems like Van, who does believe in their teammate Lottie's (Courtney Eaton) visions, could possibly pull Taissa and even the other teammates into Lottie's cult (which definitely seems like it takes root in the woods, only to materialize into a much bigger operation in the 2020s). Van's importance in Season 2 still remains to be seen, but the series wouldn't bring in her adult counterpart unless she had a huge role to play. Hopefully, she can help Taissa figure out exactly what's going on with her as the season progresses.

"Yellowjackets" airs every Sunday night on Showtime.