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Who Plays President Travers In The Night Agent?

Political intrigue, conspiracy, and corruption are often great subject matter for intense thrillers that keep audiences guessing. Netflix's "The Night Agent" predominately focuses on Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso), the aptly named Night Agent in charge of a special telephone for tips involving possible leaks, infiltration, or potential spies within the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US government. However, as anybody who has watched "The Night Agent" might tell you, this show hits the ground running, and events escalate quickly for Peter. He is soon dealing with all manner of political influencers, agents, and even the President of the United States.

President Travers (Kari Matchett) is strong-willed and an effective leader in "The Night Agent," which is probably why she makes such an alluring assassination target. Unsurprisingly, Matchett has had quite a professional career thus far, and this isn't even the first time she has played a political figure. Checking out her list of cinematic endeavors on IMDb, one can see that she has 79 acting credits as of the time of this writing and is predominately known for "Code 8" alongside Robbie Amell, "Cube 2: Hypercube," and "Maudie," but these are far from her only accomplishments.

Matchett has popped up in several beloved television series

Besides the above examples, Kari Matchett has an extensive career that started in 1996 with the TV movie "Undue Influence." Matchett also appeared in two episodes of "Supergirl," where she plays Councilwoman Jean Rankin, as well as other popular series like "Charmed," where she lends her talents as Laurie Brewster. In addition, Matchett has also popped up in "The Good Doctor" as Liam's mother, "Elementary" as Kathryn Drummond, "Criminal Minds" as Amy Bridges, and on "Leverage" as Maggie Collins.

Her biggest role to date, at least the one with the most amount of credits, is Matchett's time on the USA series "Covert Affairs," which ran from 2010 to 2014, where she racked up 75 appearances as Joan Campbell. In other words, Matchett is definitely familiar with political intrigue and tense moments, which probably helped her land the role of President Travers in "The Night Agent."

Speaking with Variety, showrunner Shawn Ryan spoke about President Travers' future in the show and said, "I imagine it would be very difficult for Travers to get reelected after all of this. If and when the time came to make a Season 2, my thoughts have always been that we find Peter in a different world, as we hinted at in the finale. I don't think we would spend a lot of time figuring out what the political fallout is." Whether or not Season 2 sees President Travers return in some form is debatable, but at least the show represents another impressive notch in Matchett's career.