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1923's Brian Geraghty Highlights The Show's Battle With The Forces Of Nature

When "1923" made its Paramount+ debut, it did so behind considerable fanfare. That's mainly because the Western saga fronted screen icons Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. The series is, of course, also the second spun-off from Taylor Sheridan's smash-hit "Yellowstone." And anything happening in the orbit of "Yellowstone" enters the pop culture canon with a fair share of expectation these days.

"Yellowstone" ties and Hollywood icons aside, "1923" is also earning raves for the crack cast of supporting players Sheridan and company have brought to the mix. And that crew indeed boasts an impressive list of names, including that of Brian Geraghty. The actor has been earning raves for his work on screens big and small for the better part of the past two decades, earning credits on series like "Boardwalk Empire," "Chicago PD," and "Big Sky," along with films like "The Hurt Locker," "Flight," and "The Standoff at Sparrow Creek."

Geraghty has been earning equally positive notes for playing devoted Dutton Ranch hand Zane on "1923." And as complicated as it surely is to work opposite the likes of Mirren and Ford on a series constantly being compared to one of television's biggest hits, the actor recently told Taste of Country that the hardest part of working on "1923" is dealing with the rough and tumble Montana weather. "I think the biggest challenge is the weather always changing," he said, adding, "all of the things that are outside of our control."

Geraghty says the bitter Montana cold is particularly hard to handle

Brian Geraghty is hardly the first actor to work on "Yellowstone," or a "Yellowstone" adjacent project to bemoan working in the wilds for Taylor Sheridan, with some noting the weather, in particular, can indeed be a challenge. However, Geraghty went on to tell Taste of Country that he generally loves going to work outdoors on "1923," claiming, "Everything else is kinda dreamy. Working outside, and working with these actors ..."

But when the weather drops below zero, Geraghty admits things can get tricky. "It's just when it's negative 20 and we're riding horses in the snow, it's challenging mentally," the actor said, going on to say the series' period-specific costumes don't always do quite enough to protect from the elements. Still, Geraghty admits the shows' crew goes out of their way to keep the cast comfortable, saying, "they try to do their best to keep us warm." Still, it seems the cold is not the only elemental obstacle the cast of "1923" has faced on set, with Geraghty stating, "we dealt with fire, rain, lightning storms."

Despite the complications that come with trying to deliver worthy drama amid such harsh conditions, Geraghty admits doing so is a big part of what makes the series tick. If nothing else, heading to set to work in, more or less, the same conditions as the hardened laborers you're depicting undoubtedly adds a layer of authenticity to the proceedings. And if you've seen the cast of "1923" at work, you know they made great use of their suffering.