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HIMYF Fans Don't Envision A 'Happily Ever After' Happening For Sid And Hannah

The whole point of "How I Met Your Father," just like "How I Met Your Mother" before it, is here to tell a sweeping, romantic story, all meant to reveal the protagonist's one true love (or, in the case of "HIMYM," the mother the show would hastily kill off so that the protagonist could rebound with his ex-girlfriend). With that in mind, there's one story in "How I Met Your Father" that might turn tragic before we know it.

Though Sid (Suraj Sharma) and Hannah (Ashley Reyes) are clearly meant to invoke Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) of "HIMYM" — both couples even get engaged in their respective series' pilots — they might not make it as long as that long-running couple. In a Reddit thread entitled "Does anyone else get the feeling that Sid and Hannah will eventually break up," u/Crazypandathe20th writes, "I can't help shake this feeling and I think the show has sort of implied it a little here and there. I definitely think their reason for not having Hannah fully incorporated into the cast is because they plan for Sid and Hannah to eventually break up. This would also partially explain why they've never tried to show Hannah's chemistry with the rest of the cast since it would make it easier for her character to potentially be written out." 

Fans don't see a future for Sid and Hannah

The original poster also points out that this could echo the famous divorce in the "HIMYM" series finale between Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders), which isn't impossible. Apparently, other Redditors agreed. "I feel like we're already seeing the start of the end for Sid & Hannah- the long distance is starting to strain, and really showed when Sid needed someone to support him when he was fighting with Jesse and Hannah just wasn't there," u/flybyfranky wrote, while u/CLEf11 made a solid point: "I mean considering [Sid is] a contender for the father yeah I don't think hannah is gonna last."

This possibility became much more real in the "HIMYF" mid-season finale, where, while flying cross-country to see Hannah, Sid ends up meeting a charming woman on the plane and really connecting with her. It's clear from the final shots of the episode that he is having doubts about a long-distance engagement, and it remains to be seen how long Sid and Hannah will be able to last. Fans can clearly see the writing on the wall, though; Sid and Hannah are no Lily and Marshall.