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HIMYF Fans Can Expect To Meet Sophie's Dad By The End Of Season 2

Even if it wasn't a spin-off of "How I Met Your Mother," Hulu sitcom "How I Met Your Father" wears its premise on its sleeve. This time, the audience is following Sophie (Hilary Duff), who tells her son who we never see the story of events that led to ... well, her son who we never see.

Apart from the rather obvious central mystery – which, viewers may hope, will wrap up in a slightly less controversial fashion than the ending of "How I Met Your Mother" did – "How I Met Your Father" has been nursing a stealthy side quest that just so happens to fit right in with the primary mystery. As much as the name of her son's father remains up in the air, the audience remains in the dark regarding the identity of Sophie's own dad.

However, regardless of how many seasons the show has up its sleeve, the latter mystery is one that "How I Met Your Father" doesn't intend to keep hidden for much longer. In fact, as creators Elizabeth Berger and Isaak Aptaker told TV Line, they might not be able to disclose the exact way Sophie's father's identity will be revealed . . . but they're very open about the fact that this will happen by the end of Season 2.

The quest for Sophie's father will succeed, but it won't be the whole show

As Aptaker and Berger were quick to note, the quest to find the identity of Sophie's father will be a significant plotline in the remaining episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" Season 2.

"I don't think we're allowed to say who it is yet, but we're super, super excited about it and we really love the storyline," Aptaker said of the eventual identity reveal.

Of course, any sitcom worth its salt needs multiple storylines to keep things interesting, as Berger was quick to inform the people who might worry that the whole show might be overtaken by the Sophie's dad thing. "We're still going to do stories about other stuff, and still do the funny, silly hangout stories that we've been doing in the first half of the season," Berger said. "But it's definitely a big arc that we're playing," he continued, referring to the Sophie's father storyline.

The promise of this major revelation, as well as the secrecy surrounding said revelation, is no doubt a fun piece of news for "How I Met Your Father" fans, who are waiting to see how things will play out. With this guarantee of an eventual major payoff to a fun mystery, the remainder of the show's sophomore season should be an entertaining watch.