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The Rookie S5 Episode 19: Fans Are Ready For Bailey To Pack Up And Leave Already

Since her appearance in Season 3, Bailey Nunes (Jenna Dewan) has been a divisive character, with "The Rookie" fans having some strong feelings about John Nolan's (Nathan Fillion) firefighter girlfriend. While Nolan teases Bailey in Season 5, Episode 19 ("A Hole in the World") about running for governor on her day off, it's not too far off from how she's portrayed on the show. Bailey seems to be able to do anything, and fans find it to be more irritating than endearing.

"Does anyone else get the feeling that they lay it on a bit too thick with just how talented Bailey is?" u/aksnitd wrote on a subreddit of "The Rookie." "It's not enough she's an ace firefighter. No, on top of that, she's [in the] army reserve and did halo jumps as part of it, motorbike racer, [capoeira] instructor, did gymnastics and diving as a kid, and has apparently died a few times for good measure."

Despite only getting five minutes of screen time in Episode 19, fans are expressing on social media how much they wish Bailey would just pack up and "The Rookie" for good.

Fans think her character is unbelievable

After Bailey Nunes became a recurring character in Season 4 of "The Rookie," fans began to predict that another spinoff was in the near future, possibly called "The Rookie: Fire," and focused around her. But the more fans began to resent and dislike Bailey, they began to think that the character should just go away instead of becoming the focus of a new show. Viewers were blunt about their disdain of the character, with some, like @Chenford_stan12, tweeting. "I love that no one likes Bailey. When do you think the show is going to kill her off? S5 finale?"

Not everyone hates her, but instead think she's a bad fit for the show. "Hate isn't the right word, more like the writers made Bailey unbelievable. She wasn't well thought out [and] it shows," @GeneSpecialist4988 wrote on a subreddit. "I'm a fan of Jenna but this character doesn't work well. The writers have written Bailey horribly [and] the lack of chemistry between Jenna [and] Nathan doesn't help."

At least the writers seem to have realized how unbelievable they've made Bailey, which may help turn around viewers' dislike of the character. More episodes have been leaning into the joke that she's good at everything, such as Season 5, Episode 4 ("The Choice") when Lucy asked how long she could hold her breath. After Bailey replies, "Five minutes, I was a swimming champion in high school," Lucy responds, "Of course you were."