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Rick And Morty Fans Find Rick's GoTron Obsession Very Relatable

Rick Sanchez (formerly Justin Roiland) may be the smartest being in the multiverse and a portal-traveling mad scientist, but even he sometimes displays relatable traits. And there's one Rick moment that "Rick and Morty" fans find incredibly relatable: the blue-haired scientist's obsession with collectibles.

The moment comes in the Season 5 episode "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion," in which Rick outfits the family with GoTrons, which are giant mech suits reminiscent of Transformers or Voltron. Over the course of the episode, it becomes clear that Rick is an obsessive fan of GoTron. His passion for GoTron becomes apparent from the moment he and his grandchildren find an abandoned GoTron suit, and it soon becomes clear that Rick knows all the lore behind the mech suits. He soon starts meetups with other Ricks who share his fandom, and while the episode provides plenty of wacky hijinks, there's a sweet innocence in his GoTron fandom that doesn't often manifest in the arrogant, cynical Rick.

Fans of "Rick and Morty" find Rick's nerdy passion for GoTron relatable. After all, many of them enjoy a collectible hobby or two. Or they simply love Voltron. As @SummerTime678 put it in a YouTube comment, "Rick's obsession can be found very relatable by a lot of fandoms."

Fans get why Rick wants to build his GoTron collection

If there's one thing nerds enjoy, it's collecting things. From Batman figurines to Magic trading cards, collectibles allow fans of a franchise to display their passion and engage with their favorite characters on a physical level. Rick's nerdy streak is always a delight to witness, especially when it manifests itself in a way that fans can relate to, which they certainly did in this instance.

"I sometimes can relate to Rick Sanchez, because he has the same personality of being obsessed with anything, including the GoTron Ferrets," commented @EthanAnania. Others noted that Rick is so enthusiastic about his nerdy interest that he's willing to let Jerry into the fold in order to combine all five GoTron suits into a massive Voltron-style suit with a gigantic energy sword. "Rick's obsession is so great, so overwhelming, that he actually allowed Jerry to participate, because he needed a 5th," commented @TAFKA Day. It's moments such as these that contribute to the theory Rick may be neurodivergent.

Meanwhile, some Voltron fans loved the homage the episode paid to one of their most beloved '80s memories. "Can't beat sweet '80s nostalgia," wrote @KeyKiller74. "Go Voltron force!!!"