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Rick And Morty Fans Praise Rick's Therapist For Giving Him A Dose Of Humility

The "Pickle Rick" entry of "Rick And Morty" features an array of amazing moments, including underground rat battles, mechanized rodent appendages, and a mayhem-filled office invasion. But out of everything that went down when Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) decided to go full pickle, fans can't help but hold the therapist's analysis of the super genius in high regard.

Rick Sanchez rarely gets bested by any formidable individuals he interacts with on the show. But as far as Dr. Wong (Susan Sarandon) is concerned, there is no denying she laid the therapy smackdown on the conniving egomaniac. Part of the reason for his inability to thwart the rude awakening she unleashes has much to do with what co-creator Dan Harmon wanted to accomplish with this entry. "The way I was thinking about it was like it's the 'RV breaks down in the desert episode of Breaking Bad,'" Harmon said in an interview about the Season 3 chapter. "These cool episodes where you take an icon and say, okay, well, what makes them tick on the inside? And you do that by depriving them of everything." Many people would agree that Harmon succeeded, especially the fans that couldn't help but revere the execution of Rick's vulnerability. @‌larrybarker1674 wrote in the comments of the clip posted by HBO Max on YouTube, "Ricks first L in an episode full of effortless W's giving the true feeling of Rick being humbled. Incredible writing, what a visionary." Other fans also had some intriguing opinions on the small cucumber's therapy session.

Viewers think Rick got wrecked by a therapeutic reality check

Many fans of the therapy scene mentioned how much they enjoyed watching Rick Sanchez survive insurmountable odds to end up in the place he was trying to avoid — all to have the ego-fueled facade he had draped over his reality relentlessly shattered by the wise words of Dr. Wong. "This is probably the first time THE Rick Sanchez was given a reality check," wrote @‌castbet9183. "And what makes this scene even better was that it wasn't given by some powerful god or anything of that sort, but by a normal individual; an "agent of averageness" if you will." Rick's been known to make many challenges look easy, and he always has some trick up his sleeve to ensure he has the last laugh. But in the end, he had no answers for Dr. Wong's carefully calculated laser-guided truth missile.

The potential power of therapy was displayed during the entry, and some spotlighted how badly Rick was beaten by it. Nacho channel posted, "Wow, first time in a long time is when Rick felt like the dumbest person in the room because even he can't argue with the facts presented to him. You could tell he felt defeated because he couldn't come up with some Rick level retort towards her." And @‌vitryugun5371 wrote, "The 'your own mind literally vegetated by your own hand' is what nails it to Rick, he got put in place." There is no denying the therapy session impacted Rick and the Smith family, but some might be surprised to learn that they weren't the only ones affected by the pickle-related breakthrough.

Dr. Wong had a profound effect on some viewers

It's no secret that Dr. Wong successfully broke down Rick Sanchez's issues after talking to his family and seeing him arrive as a deformed pickled rat mutant. u/bluemechanic posted about her excellence in handling the uneasy situation on Reddit, saying, "I loved how she managed to remain entirely composed and non-judgemental despite talking to a man who had turned himself into a pickle." After victoriously going head-to-head with a godlike narcissist, despite his awkward state, her actions made a strong argument for her placement on the list of Rick's worthy rivals alongside the likes of the Council of Ricks and Mr. Nimbus for her therapeutic victory.

But her efforts have extended beyond the episode as some fans revealed how the sequence inspired them to finally seek help. u/chhetohinchief wrote, "I watched this scene, cried a little, then scheduled an appointment with a therapist which I had been putting off for about 4 years." And for others, it just helped put some things in perspective, like @RC2671, who posted on Twitter, "Dr. Wong's monologue about cleaning, repairing, and maintaining from "Pickle Rick" defined adulthood better than anything else I've ever heard. And d***** if I don't struggle with it just like Rick and Beth."

Dr. Wong's accomplishments on the Adult Swim series may not be groundbreaking or change the fabric of time, but she has most certainly done her job backing up any hype surrounding her character being labeled as one of the best supporting characters on "Rick and Morty."