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Blue Beetle Gets A New Armor Ahead Of DCU Debut

Spoilers ahead for "Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" #5 by DC Comics

Ahead of Blue Beetle's live-action debut in the DC Extended Universe, the hero is getting a significant upgrade in the pages of his current DC Comics miniseries. With the threat of the Horizon growing, learning the truth about the Green Beetle and Yellow Beetle, and the Justice League intervening and believing the threat of war is imminent, Jaime Reyes just received a new set of armor courtesy of his scarab, giving the fan-favorite character an all-new look.

Reyes is the current main Blue Beetle in the DC Universe, but he's far from the first hero to sport the moniker. In DC continuity, the first Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett, sported an alien scarab granting him incredible powers ranging from super strength, durability, vision, and flight. However, when Ted Kord took over the role, he could not wield the scarab, instead using his intellect, fighting skills, and near-unlimited resources to become a non-powered version of the hero. After bonding with the scarab, Jaime became the Blue Beetle and obtained blue armor with several transformative weapons. He has always struggled to fully control the scarab — known as the Khaji Da — while its history as a weapon of war has often put him at odds with those who aimed to take down the Reach, a destructive race of alien conquerors powered by scarabs.

With Xolo Maridueña portraying Blue Beetle in the hero's self-titled, live-action film in August, DC Comics is giving Reyes a major armor upgrade as he teams up with new Beetles.

Who are the Yellow and Green Beetle?

In "Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" by Josh Trujillo, Adrian Gutierrez, Wil Quintana, and Lucas Gattoni from DC Comics, Jaime Reyes has been forced to deal with two new Beetles, as the Yellow Beetle and Green Beetle have emerged on Earth. Dynastes is the Yellow Beetle, an anti-Reach hero from the Horizon who has hunted Blue Beetle, believing his scarab is too dangerous and needs to be shut down permanently. Meanwhile, another Horizon hero, Green Beetle, has entered the mix, also trying to take Reyes down — showing off incredible shapeshifting powers of her own.

"Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" #5 features an alliance between Blue Beetle, Green Beetle, and Yellow Beetle, as the armored heroes realize they are all trying to protect Earth. The Horizon Beetles deduce Reyes isn't using his scarab for evil and isn't part of the Reach, which stops the battle between them. However, their team-up is interrupted by the Justice League, who don't trust the new Beetles, believing their motivations are evil. When Cyborg tries to overload the Yellow Beetle with a powerful blast from his energy canon, Blue Beetle steps in front of the attack, leading him to have visions and transform into something new.

Blue Beetle's new armor is an all-new look for the hero

Jaime Reyes ends up confronting his greatest fears in a vision where he's asked to join the Reach. After seeing the history of the Blue Beetle mantle, he bonds further with his scarab, realizing he's unstoppable with Khaji Da by his side. Blue Beetle emerges with a new, stronger, spikier armor with energy flowing across it when the dust from Cyborg's attack settles. With renewed confidence, Reyes tells Batman he's taking a stand for what's right and will work with the new Beetles to help them learn more about how to control their scarabs. After convincing the Justice League that Yellow Beetle and Green Beetle aren't enemies, the Horizon's ship reveals itself, setting the stage for more Beetles coming to Earth.

While the capabilities of Blue Beetle's new armor are unknown, the fact Reyes is now bonded stronger with his scarab than ever before means his new suit should come with some serious upgrades. Readers will have to wait until issue six, the finale of the miniseries, to find out precisely what Blue Beetle is capable of with his upgraded armor — but it's clear the hero just tapped into his scarab in an exciting new way that should lead to a boost in powers.  

"Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" #5 by Josh Trujillo, Adrian Gutierrez, Wil Quintana, and Lucas Gattoni from DC Comics is in comic book stores now.