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Young Sheldon: Emily Osment Says Iain Armitage Is Always Speaking Russian On Set

Emily Osment hasn't wasted any time warming up to her newfound co-stars since she joined the main cast of "Young Sheldon" for Season 6 — and that includes getting used to a couple of their more eccentric qualities. It seems that the cast of the "Big Bang Theory" prequel can be just as colorful as their on-screen counterparts, with Osment notably finding that "Young Sheldon" lead Iain Armitage has an odd propensity for speaking in Russian while filming on set for the series.

In an interview on KCTV5, Osment confirmed that Armitage speaks Russian quite well, and he does so very often when production for "Young Sheldon" is in full swing. "That's my daily life at work. It's all Russian, all the time," the star said. She went on to add that Armitage's habit is particularly strange when considering that no one else on the production can even understand what he's saying. "No one speaks Russian except for Iain, but Iain speaks a lot of Russian. It's hilarious," she said. "He also has a Russian dance that he does. It's interesting."

Armitage worked hard for his Russian skills

Emily Osment may find Iain Armitage's tendency to spout Russian while filming "Young Sheldon" a bit out of the ordinary, but it's hard not to respect the effort that the youthful star has put into refining this unique skill. Despite what some may expect, Armitage actually isn't a native speaker of Russian at all. In fact, he only picked up the language relatively recently on something of a whim.

In an interview with CTV News, Armitage revealed that he actually started learning Russian as a hobby during the initial lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Though quarantine restrictions eventually loosened, the young actor has stuck with his language practice into the modern day. "I'm on an app, but my favorite way to learn is through talking to other people," Armitage explained. "I have some friends at a local park. I like to go to speak Russian or Ukrainian, Armenian, sort of around that area. For the most part, we can talk and it's just really cool."

Based on Osment's reports, it seems like Armitage isn't planning on giving up his multilingual studies any time soon. In any case, there's undeniably something very Sheldon Cooper-esque about the whole situation. Mark another one down for the surprising ways Armitage relates to his "Young Sheldon" character.