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Kurt Sutter's The Abandons - What We Know So Far

Kurt Sutter, the notorious creator of "Sons of Anarchy," first announced his next series, "The Abandons," back in November 2021. Since then, there has been an assortment of updates on the project that fans should be aware of to prepare for what's in store when it releases on Netflix.

Westerns seemed to be a thing of the past for a while, but every now and again, there appears to be a worthwhile installment that pops up from the genre. While Hollywood certainly is not producing such projects as it once did, the few endeavors that end up riding into cinemas and streaming services tend to do better than some would probably expect.

There are several outlets excelling in this manner, but Netflix's efforts in wrangling up such titles have been arguably impressive. Whether its big-city based stories like "Concrete Cowboy" or intergalactic-westerns like "Space Sweepers," the streaming powerhouse has a knack for knocking it out of the park with the western genre. 

This is why it shouldn't come as a surprise that Netflix teamed up with "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter to ensure subscribers get yet another unique experience from the western genre. Fans may be surprised to find out that there is so much more to discover about the upcoming Netflix project.

When will Kurt Sutter's The Abandons release?

Netflix has not announced the release date for "The Abandons." Based on what is known about the project, it isn't difficult to assess when a possible premiere could occur. The first thing to consider is the series has been in the developmental stages since November 2021. Next up would be to take into account the fact that "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter got the greenlight from Netflix in October 2022. So by both accounts, it would seem many of the preliminary stages have been completed, and the fact that the steamer was so quick to greenlight the affair indicates they are confident in the program.

So far, the people behind the scenes haven't wasted any time moving the project along, and it does seem like the bulk of production could take place in 2023, meaning it's possible to see the show in 2024, but this is just speculation at this point in time. Whenever it decides to drop on Netflix, many will probably agree "The Abandons" will be worth their patience, especially when considering the show's narrative.

What is the plot of Kurt Sutter's The Abandons?

The plot of "The Abandons" will take viewers back to 1850s Oregon. In the story, a greedy bunch of elitists attempt to take control of a particular portion of land, which means having to drive out any locals that stand in their way. 

Unfortunately, the rich think this assignment will be easy, and they are in for a rude awakening when the families that occupy this sought-after real-estate prove they are more than capable of withstanding the corruption that has arrived on their doorstep. There is most certainly a lot there for fans to get hyped up about, and Kurt Sutter himself seems eager. 

"We are on the Western Frontier, somewhere between the Dakotas and California, small cattle town, circa 1850," Kurt Sutter said to Deadline. "It's post-Gold Rush, pre-Civil War, and then, some natural resource is discovered. You have this wealthy family, where the Hearst-like character comes in, and the aristocrats in Italy, and they try to buy out the ranchers ... But there's this one group of families that won't sell. They band together. They stand up to the oppressor." The "Sons of Anarchy" creator added that this first season is about the main characters evolving into outlaws prior to the era of iconic western figures. 

The first season looks to be bringing a lot to the table right off the bat. It also appears "The Abandons" is looking at some serious star power to fill the ranks of its cast.

Who is starring in Kurt Sutter's The Abandons?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lena Headey of "Game of Thrones" fame will star in "The Abandons." In the series, she will be playing Fiona, a woman unable to give birth, so she turns to adopting four children in need. Despite her best efforts to provide a safe home for her family, those wanting them to vacate their land force Fiona to do whatever is necessary to protect what matters most: her kids. 

This isn't the first time Headey has played a mother figure willing to stop at nothing to ensure the safety of her loved ones. It's hard not to give credit to her turn as Cersei Lannister, a mother-figure who is one of the most terrifying and formidable forces in a show about zombies and dragons.  Her previous experience in "Game of Thrones" even earned her five Emmy nominations. With someone of that level of experience entering the fold in a headlining position, it should very well be seen as a good sign subscribers are in for a worthwhile watch when "The Abandons" premieres.

Who is the showrunner for Kurt Sutter's The Abandons?

The showrunner for "The Abandons" on Netflix will be Kurt Sutter. The series is far from his first rodeo in terms of being a showrunner or executive producer. Sutter has several impressive credits that make up his body of work, including "The Bastard Executioner," "Sons of Anarchy," and "Mayans M.C." He also served as executive producer and received a screenwriter credit on the movie "Southpaw" starring Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Stephen Surjik will also serve as executive producer and direct episodes. Surjik has worked on "The Umbrella Academy," "The Punisher," and "Lost in Space." Otto Bathurst is another executive producer and will direct entries as well. His credits include "Peaky Blinders," "Billy the Kid," and "Halo." Rounding out the executive producers for the Netflix western will be Emmy Grinwis, known for the "Mosquito Coast," "Snowfall," and "Limetown." 

Given the amount of experience, each person has, it seems pretty clear that the show is in good hands. Subscribers should absolutely not miss out on Netflix's "The Abandons."