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Sons Of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter Gets The Greenlight From Netflix For Western Drama The Abandons

Kurt Sutter successfully entertained fans for seven seasons with the crime drama "Sons of Anarchy" (via Rotten Tomatoes). Now that he has taken his talents to Netflix, the proven showrunner has a western called "The Abandons" that is officially coming to the streaming service.

While Sutter doesn't have an abundance of credits on his resume, the few he does have are pretty impressive overall. Besides "Sons of Anarchy," the well-renowned producer, writer, director, and actor has lent his talents to notable shows like "The Shield" and "Mayans M.C." He served as the writer of the boxing movie "Southpaw" starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Sutter also had a starring role in the sci-fi film "Chaos Walking" along with Tom Holland and Daisey Ridley (via IMDb). The seasoned scribe even once had a "Punisher" script rejected by Marvel. While those are all impressive in their own right, there is no denying his biggest claim to fame is the FX series, but now that he has moved on to the streaming realm, he is ready to add more titles to his greatest hits collection.

Already in the works is Sutter's cinematic directorial debut, teaming with the talented folks at Blumhouse for a film called "This Beast" (via Deadline). But that isn't the only exciting endeavor he has in store for the streaming powerhouse. His next series has finally received the greenlight from Netflix, and it's much different than anything he has done before.

Kurt Sutter is bringing the 1850s Western Frontier to Netflix

According to a report from Deadline, Kurt Sutter's western IP "The Abandons," which was announced last fall, officially received a series order at Netflix. Former FX exec Danielle Woodrow, who now works at Netflix as well, fast-tracked the show making it one of the quickest to get greenlit that Sutter has ever worked on. The action drama inspired by La Cosa Nostra and "Bonanza" will join a lineup of westerns already available on the streaming service consisting of titles such as "The Power of the Dog," "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs," and "The Harder They Fall."

Sutter, who will serve as showrunner, first discussed the series in its early stages of development in November 2021 and described the narrative for "The Abandons," saying in an interview, "We are on the Western Frontier, somewhere between the Dakotas and California, small cattle town, circa 1850. So, it's post-Gold Rush, pre-Civil War, and then, some natural resource is discovered. You have this wealthy family, where the Hearst-like character comes in, and the aristocrats in Italy, and they try to buy out the ranchers... But there's this one group of families that won't sell. "They band together. They stand up to the oppressor... That whole first season will be about the evolution of them as, you know, turning into outlaws, in a period before all the iconic outlaws that we know, like Jesse James and Billy the Kid" (via Deadline).

"The Abandons" is shaping up to be yet another excellent addition to Sutter's impressive body of work, and the intriguing plot has all the makings to be a can't-miss affair for western fans that subscribe to Netflix.