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D&D: Honor Among Thieves' Heist Portrait Is One Of Its Biggest Easter Eggs

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves."

"Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" is swinging into theaters this week, and directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein managed to sneak in numerous Easter eggs that "D&D" players will love. 

One of the biggest, yet subtle, references comes pretty late into the movie when the party decides to use Simon Aumar's (Justice Smith) handy dandy Hither and Thither Staff to portal into Forge Fitzwilliam's (Hugh Grant) vault. Edgin Darvis (Chris Pine), being the charismatic bard that he is, purchases a painting, which they attach a portal onto, allowing Doric (Sophia Lillis) to worm her way into the vault. At first glance, the portrait seems like your typical fantasy-themed image of an older gentleman. However, upon closer inspection, "D&D" players will recognize none other than Volothamp "Volo" Geddarm, one of the Forgotten Realms' most legendary travelers and storytellers. 

Volo's portrait is just one of many Easter eggs found throughout "Honor Among Thieves." Some, like Volo's and Elminster, reward longtime players of the tabletop RPG, while others just happen to connect to other fantasy franchises, like "Harry Potter." Either way, "Honor Among Thieves" showcases the perfect way to include Easter eggs and references without distracting from the movie itself.

D&D players are very familiar with Volo's work

In the "Dungeons & Dragons" universe, Volothamp Geddarm, or Volo for short, is known for his travels, which he used to craft stories and write his guidebooks. He is the "D&D" scholar and, coincidentally, butted heads with the legendary Elminster, Simon's great-great-grandfather in "Honor Among Thieves."

Volo's work dates back to the early days of "D&D," with all of it being published within the "D&D" world and in real life for players to use in their campaigns. "Volo's Guide to All Things Magical" was his first guidebook, detailing spells, magical items, and magical locations across Faerûn. TSR published the book as a companion to the Second Edition of "D&D." Other Second Edition guidebooks by Volo include location guides for the Sword Coast, Dalelands, and Waterdeep.

"D&D" is currently in its Fifth Edition, which features one of Volo's most well-known guidebooks, "Volo's Guide to Monsters." The book details many fantastical creatures throughout the "D&D" realms, including illustrations and in-depth lore so any aspiring adventurer can travel with knowledge. In the real world, the guidebook became a must-have for anyone running a campaign, allowing Dungeon Masters to pluck creatures from the pages and drop them into any encounter.