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South Park Fans Loved Kyle And Butters' Tender Playground Moment

"South Park" once again made waves this year with its Season 26 episode "Worldwide Privacy Tour" which brilliantly skewers Americans' obsession with the British royals. The episode, rather accurately, depicted Canadian stand-ins parodying Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wanting to escape the limelight by going on a worldwide tour to announce that they want privacy. The real-life Duke and Duchess of Essex look exception to the episode and also were rumored to be threatening to sue the creators of the satirical adult animated series.

Despite the savage nature of the episode, a truly tender scene between two friends can be found within it. A brand management company has popped up in the town of South Park, and Butters has hired them to help make him more strong and more assertive. He brings Kyle in as well to help him out after his friends have left him behind as they keep leveling up in a popular online video game. Kyle finds confidence in himself but still feels left out for most of the episode. Butters, meanwhile, doubles down by being a misogynist, and Bebe beats him up on the playground for making rude comments.

Fans think Season 26 might be one of South Park's best, citing this episode

In the Season 26 "South Park" episode "Worldwide Privacy Tour," carefree and unflappable Kyle enters the playground and tells Butters that this brand isn't the real him and pulls him away from a furious Bebe. Fans of the scene thought Kyle's confident diffusing of the altercation was a sweet moment between him and a confused and lost Butters. Commenter sabreejohnson1515 said, "I love how Kyle is helping Butters out. That's one way of being cool." Another user, zierragacha5089, said, "It's so sweet to see Kyle helping Butters." This goes to show that fans appreciate the sweet moments shared between the kids as much as the offensive stuff "South Park" is known for.

Viewers noted the character development happening with the scene's stars. User Puddingl0l! said, "It's weird how the 'South Park' boys in particular have been through so much over so many years, and it's moments like this that get to you to feel for them the most. Butters really is turning into his parents."

Longtime viewer, alphabet soup, noted that this episode is representative of a solid 26th season. "This episode was genuinely great," they wrote. "It was hilarious, relevant, and hit emotionally. If things continue at this rate, this is about to be one of their best seasons." Commenter lejdcool1 really appreciated the tender aspects of the episode, saying, "Kyle helps butters, and then the boys all help Kyle to get out of the house. A funny and wholesome episode."

Given that Kyle patched things up with his friends and both he and Butters learned the importance of being oneself, it was a satisfying ending to what appears to be a well-loved episode among fans.