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South Park Is Savage As Always In Its Recent Takedown Of Harry And Meghan

The Comedy Central series "South Park" wouldn't be the animated TV comedy institution it is today if it shied away from tackling big pop culture players and tabloid darlings like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The most recent episode of Season 26, entitled "The Worldwide Privacy Tour" (which gives you an idea of the show's satirical aim right there in the title), skewers Harry and Meghan in typical "South Park" fashion. They are referenced in the episode as the prince and princess of Canada, who embark on a global press tour in which they alternately whine about the hardships of being incredibly rich and famous and implore the public to give them privacy.

As you can imagine, the episode has generated quite a bit of conversation online, including among people who somehow claim to have never heard of "South Park" before, like Twitter user @Canellelabelle, who tweeted: "I have never heard of this show till now but THIS is hilarious! they summed up exactly how we all see this annoying duo."

The episode spares neither 'the dumb prince' nor 'his stupid wife'

The "South Park" episode about the "prince and princess of Canada" has even spawned its own Twitter hashtag: #DumbPrinceandHisStupidWife. Browse tweets under the hashtag and you can see plenty of users delighted by the typically crude but effective insult delivered to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex by the long-running Comedy Central series.

In a possibly unexpected twist of fate, the "South Park" episode appears to have gone over quite well with those admirers of the British royal family who are critical of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Like user @jomilleweb, whose tweet thanks the show "for cutting those monsters to size." However, there are some who found it harsh, such asĀ @Hart3Shanika, who tweeted, "Harry and Meghan never said they wanted privacy so the South Park ep is a massive miss. Satire only works when the satirist understands the original material."

The episode is getting a fair amount of media attention, hearkening back to classic "South Park" controversies and feuds with other celebrities like Kanye West or Tom Cruise. Whether Harry and Meghan will be able to escape the aftermath of the episode relatively unscathed or have it permanently alter their standing with the general public remains to be seen, but @jammierooroo on Twitter speculates that they may have a hard time living it down: "There's no PR firm in the world that can fix this," referring to the "Worldwide Privacy Tour" theme song heard in the episode.