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The Funniest Mayor West Moments In Family Guy According To Reddit

Mayor Adam West was a strange man who enjoyed a dysfunctional tenure in office. Okay, so maybe dysfunctional is something of an undersell. Voiced by the late actor of the same name, he was patently ridiculous. He spent mountains of taxpayer money on things like celebrity prostitution and golden statues of cereal mascots. In front of God and man, Mayor West married his actual right hand. The guy even had a body count ... the murder-y kind. 

And maybe it's the inherent need to mock politicians — a love-to-hate kind of situation (they usually deserve it), or maybe it's that he was literally ADAM WEST, but audiences adored him.

It's not really that surprising, to be honest. Mayor West dealt in bonkers one-liners the same way that banks deal in cash, and often at a higher frequency. In short, he was the perfect distillation of "Family Guy." Here are some of his best and funniest moments, as chosen by fans on Reddit. A word of caution — some of these quotes stray into NSFW territory, so reader discretion is advised. 

An attempt was made (a very bad one)

In Season 5, Episode 17 ("It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One"), Lois Griffin (Alex Borstein) takes over the position of mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island, from poor, bumbling, murderous Adam West. This means Lois should water down her political ideologies so that the public can consume her mind without fear of critical thought, but hey, anything to enact change, right? Well, for Lois to become mayor, Adam's gotta go.

And go he does, if only for a little while. Interestingly, the moment that fans grabbed from this episode has nothing to do with former mayor West's toxic waste that dissolves hair or his string of public assassinations but with a very blunt bit of sexual harassment.

While waiting at a bus stop, Ex-And-Then-Not-Ex-Mayor West approaches a woman and drops the unforgettably horrendous line, "Hey baby. Wanna take a gander at some Adam West penis?" For some strange reason, it doesn't work. Who would have guessed? 

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Part man, part mayor, all tomato

In Season 18, Episode 18 ("Better Off Meg"), Meg Griffin (Mila Kunis – who still gets told to shut up on the streets) feels so unloved and unappreciated that she fakes her own death just to see how many people will care. It, uh, doesn't really work out the way that she wants it to, and Chris Griffin (Seth Green) almost gets her killed for real.

Once again, Mayor West isn't really the focus of this episode but he's there long enough to remind audiences that he still has no idea how to function as a human being. The memorable moment: Mayor West decides to distract himself from his problems by stirring the mob outside his office. To do so, he opens his window and jingles his keys. Someone in the angry crowd immediately chucks a brick and it hits him square in the face.

Instead of crying out in pain, Mayor West looks at the blood pouring from his nose and proclaims, "My god! I'm a tomato!" Presumably, he spends the rest of his time on "Family Guy" under the impression that he's got ketchup pumping through his veins.

Paul didn't deserve any of that

In Season 5, Episode 6 ("Prick Up Your Ears"), Lois' attempts to foster sexual education in the youth are derailed by Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane – a guy who usually gets his way), who has his own views on how to do the sex good, and the adult population of Quahog, who are furious with any form of education that deviates from abstinence. From there, things only get worse -– teens begin to practice "ear sex" (please don't ask) and it's all thanks to Mayor West's kitty cat crossbow or, as he calls it, his Cat Launcher.

The hilarious moment sees Mayor West threaten a pizza delivery man's life because the pizza features the wrong toppings. He grabs his Cat Launcher and chases the poor guy through Quahog. One screaming cat goes awry and breaks the window of a nearby adult video store.

Eventually, the mayor calms down and returns to collect his cats, including Paul, the disgruntled feline that flew through the adult store's window. While Paul is shoved back into the cat sack (again, please don't ask), Mayor West taunts him by saying, "What a ridiculous name for a cat. Paul, that's a person's name!"

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Defying gravity ... and laws

In Season 8, Episode 1 ("Road to the Multiverse"), Stewie and Brian Griffin (both voiced by Seth MacFarlane) travel beyond the borders of their respective reality to visit parallel universes. They visit a version of Earth without Christianity, a version where humans are subservient to dogs, and even a version where Disney has a firmer chokehold on humanity than it does in the real world. The kooky shenanigans are wrapped with as much sense as they're initiated, and a human version of Brian gets to experience the freedoms of a human-oriented world. 

Mayor West's moment in this one is on-brand for both the character and the episode. At a carnival, the mayor approaches a scale where the attendee attempts to guess his weight. The carnie guesses 185 pounds, a number that's only a mere 170 pounds higher than what appears on the scale. Straight-faced, Mayor West responds by saying, "Wrong. I'm 95 percent helium," and then he floats away. Not before grabbing a teddy bear off the prize rack, though, because he's worth it. 

Mayor West: The alphabet exorcist

In Season 7, Episode 10 ("FOX-y Lady"), after a reporter is fired from Fox News for being perceived as unattractive on camera, Lois offers to fill the vacancy. During her tenure, she discovers that the network isn't interested in information that could potentially harm the social standing of popular conservative figure Rush Limbaugh. In fairness, Lois' pitch is that he's secretly in a homosexual relationship with notable film director Michael Moore ... a pitch that quickly changes when she discovers that both Rush and Michael are actually fake aliases of Fred Savage, who she labels as the world's greatest actor. Unsurprisingly, she's fired.

As per usual, Mayor West is content existing in his own little corner of "Family Guy." And his moment from this episode sees him sitting on a bench. Suddenly, and to no one in particular, he announces, "I'll get all of the 'A's' out of my body." And then he yells. He just yells. Rumor has it, he's still out there, somewhere, purging the vowel from his now ghostly form.