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Fear The Walking Dead Fans Say It Went Downhill After S3 (& S5 Is The Worst)

The first spin-off in AMC's "The Walking Dead" franchise was 2015's "Fear the Walking Dead." The series was a prequel to the original through Season 3, but the show rebooted somewhat after that as the timeline began running concurrently with "The Walking Dead" in Season 4. Fans didn't take too well to the change in the show's timeline, and by the time "Fear the Walking Dead" went on to its Season 5, a lot of fans that stuck with the show officially tapped out. In a Reddit thread hilariously titled "Season 5 is so boring," fans expressed their disdain for the thread's titular season and marked that the show hit a negative turning point after Season 3.

The poster, u/_Astray_7, opened up the discussion by talking about Season 5, saying, "[The] dialogue is literally [sp], 'We have to help people.' 'Let me help you.' Morgan is so annoying. His character was good in 'TWD,' but here he is so empty and ... Alicia is the same." Redditor u/L0vebu responded saying where the show fell off, writing, "Every Season after 3 is exactly how you've described. It's consistent[ly] boring, and there's zero stakes considering it's set in an apocalypse setting. Some people defend parts of Season 6 but it's just meh." Some fans in the thread came to the defense of Season 6, but it seemed no one was going to bat for Season 5.

Even though Season 6 is better than 5, most fans say stop watching after Season 3

Some "The Walking Dead" fans expressed some heated disappointment in "Fear the Walking Dead" after the show stopped being a prequel to the hit original series. A Reddit thread dedicated to the show's downfall turned up some pretty pointed discussion as to where and why the show fell off. "Quit now if you value your time. Just about anyone could write better fan fiction than the s*** they put out after Season 3," u/blue_sleeve said in response to the poster who asked if they should continue watching after being disappointed with Season 5. Redditor u/Darwing felt a certain character was keeping the show together for them. "After Nick died in Season 4 that was the end of the show," they opined.

Some viewers don't even know why they were still watching the show after Season 3. User u/Gseph noted, sounding more let down than mad at the show, "Thinking back, I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed the show, post reboot." From the sound of things, fans don't seem to think the show got much better after Season 5, despite some interesting choices in Season 6. Redditor u/jvp180 said, "5 and 7 are the worst. The first half of 6 was fairly decent. [It] just went downhill somewhere after the midpoint." 

User u/MoxOmega seemed to think that fans like Season 6 better because Season 5 was so bad. "Season 6 is ok, but not as great as people make it out to be. It's mainly because Season 5 set the bar so low that it couldn't get any worse." 

Fans will have to see if the show improves as "Fear the Walking Dead" returns for its 8th and final season in May of this year.