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The Mandalorian Fans Aren't Thrilled With Chapter 20's Short Runtime

Believe it or not, we're already at the halfway mark of "The Mandalorian" Season 3. And while the viewership numbers are reportedly lower than seasons past, fans tuning in for the weekly adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu are being treated to another thrilling story. The latest episode of "The Mandalorian" was a real thrill ride that found the galaxy's best-loved duo once again working their way into, and out of, a sticky situation.

Unfortunately for fans, it was also one of the shortest episodes of the series to date, clocking in at just 33 minutes. Runtimes on "The Mandalorian" have actually varied dramatically so far, but that number is still well short of the series average. While the episode hardly robbed fans of action, some were legitimately bummed it didn't run a little longer. And yes, they've already been busy hitting up social media to voice their disappointment.

As one might expect, Twitter is a hotbed for such posts, with @TayFiona1989 touching on the episode's runtime. "This episode is very Mandalorian. But 30mins is too short, make it long! plz." User @alexis_b82 echoed those sentiments in a tweet of their own, posting, "This week's Mandalorian was too short but it was fun."

33 minutes just isn't enough for The Mandalorian fans

Chapter 20 of "The Mandalorian" is hardly the first time the series has delivered a brief encounter. In fact, the series' second ever episode remains its shortest, running at just 31 minutes. Though fans almost universally agree that the latest chapter was a solid entry, the dramatic swing in runtimes continues to frustrate some. Twitter user @JGROVES1996 gave voice to that very issue with their post. "Another great episode of The Mandalorian! Great to have some very important questions answered," they said, adding: "I don't WANT to complain, but man, this episode was SO SHORT! I'd love there to be a more consistent, longer run time of around 45-50 mins instead of it jumping around!"

It's likely that Chapter 20 felt even shorter because it came on the back of a super-sized 56 minute installment. Nonetheless, fans are clearly unhappy about this, and Twitter is not the only social media site with posts from "The Mandalorian" fans who wish the most recent episode was longer. The topic has also been broached on Reddit, with u/Zealousideal-One-884 noting in a lengthy episode admiration post, "Pretty short episode though. Felt kinda weird, not used to the live action episodes being short." User u/uuid-already-exists added: "Shortest episode ever. It really leaves you wanting for more." One thing is clear — fans of the show still can't get enough of it.