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Harry Potter's Bonnie Wright Thinks One Thing Keeps The Franchise Timeless

There is no doubt the "Harry Potter" series is a global phenomenon that not only marked a generation of kids who began dreaming of one day receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter but also became a product of special reference (and reverence) within the fantasy genre. There are many reasons one could list to justify the franchise's incredible success. To actor Bonnie Wright, who played Ron Weasley's (Rupert Grint) younger sister, Ginny, there is one simple element that sustains the series' timelessness: love.

It may sound like a cliché, but it is the power of love that ultimately results in our heroes coming out victorious. It is also a prevalent theme that permeates the whole narrative from beginning to end, with Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) surviving the Killing Curse and defeating Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) all due to Lily's (Geraldine Somerville) sacrifice. And in a 2021 Q&A with Wizarding World Digital, Wright proved that she understands the relevance of love in the series as well as any avid fan.

That's the power of love

There are countless moments in the "Harry Potter" books – and films, although with some differences – that help elevate the concept of love as the thematic backbone of the story, as one can note in this Reddit thread wherein fans brainstorm "Harry Potter" quotes about it. Love is the one emotion Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) keeps emphasizing the importance of to Harry, and it may well be the light one must remember to turn on in the darkest of times.

For Bonnie Wright, it's what makes the "Harry Potter" series so unremittingly beloved itself. "Unconditional and unjudgmental love. Good triumphs over evil because of love," she said. "I think fans and myself find a home in Hogwarts. No matter what is happening in our own lives, it is always there to welcome us." More so than any spell, love is the force that leads our brave heroes to a brighter, more hopeful future.