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Yellowstone Season 1 And 4 Featured A Cameo From One Of The Best Horsemen In The World

With four-and-a-half seasons of white-knuckle action in its wake, and at least a half-season more on the way, "Yellowstone" continues to be the reigning king of the small screen Western world. But even as the "Yellowstone"-loving masses continue to tune in to see what melodramatic madness John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his flock work their way into from one episode to the next, it's worth noting they're often getting an up close and personal look at the day-to-day lives of modern cowboys.

In fact, "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan has made no particular secret of his desire to explore that all-but alien world in vivid detail on the show. To do so, he has regularly enlisted the talents of the world's most renowned wranglers, ranchers, and riders, many of whom have contributed to "Yellowstone" both behind the scenes and on camera. That includes a legendary reigning champion and trainer some consider to be the best horsemen in the world. His name is Andrea Fappani, and although he hails from Italy, Fappani's credentials prove he's as legit a North American cowboy as the modern world knows. 

Sheridan is clearly a big fan of Fappani's work in the saddle, as he has featured the champion rider not once, but twice on the series with cameos coming during its first and fourth seasons. The "Yellowstone" mastermind even enlisted Fappani to star in his hit Paramount Network rodeo reality series "The Last Cowboy."

Fappani appears as himself in both of his Yellowstone cameos

As for Fappani's "Yellowstone" appearances, the famed horseman appears in a single Season 1 episode as well as one in Season 4. Though no last name is assigned to him on the show, Fappani essentially appears as himself, and does so alongside Taylor Sheridan's sharp-tongued, rodeo-loving cowboy Travis Wheatley. Fappani's first season appearance came in episode 5, entitled "Coming Home," when Travis is showcasing horses for the Dutton faction. The three-time Nation Horse Reigning Association Futurity champ rides up on a $5 sorrel stallion by the name of Lil Joe Cash, and proceeds to dazzle the onlooking Dutton's with a true showman's stretch of saddle work.

Fappani's Season 4 appearance came in episode 4, entitled "Winning or Learning." In it, Travis and fan-favorite Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) are hard at work at a rodeo circuit event. Fappani has no dialogue in the episode, but if you've seen him in the saddle as a competitor, you'll recognize know his skill and prowess. If you like what you see in Andrea Fappani's brief "Yellowstone" cameos, you might be interested in checking out "The Last Cowboy" as well. Produced by Sheridan, the reality competition series puts Fappani and a handful of other renowned riders front and center. Watching Fappani at work in "The Last Cowboy," it gives the viewer an even larger sample size of his talent.

It remains to be seen whether "Yellowstone" fans will see Andrea Fappani ride again for the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch crew. But given his ongoing friendship with Taylor Sheridan, it seems likelier than not.