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Three New Marvel Heroes Will Be Introduced In Marvel Voices: Pride #1 2023

On the heels of DC Comics revealing its Pride celebration plans, Marvel Comics has shared its exciting plans for "Marvel Voices: Pride" #1 2023.

"Marvel Voices" has been the banner for specific anthologies highlighting Asian, Indigenous, and legacy characters from diverse creators. This week, Marvel showcased the different stories that will be included in the upcoming annual anthology comic celebrating LGBTQIA+ writers, artists, heroes, and villains. With past year's editions of "Marvel Voices: Pride" leading to the introductions of some cool and powerful new heroes like the dream-controlling mutant Somnus, the power-trading hero in Escapade, and the hilariously chocolate-powered, material-shifting Morgan Red, readers can expect more new faces to be added into the mix in 2023.

From three new characters debuting to the different Pride variant covers featuring Marvel's most iconic LGBTQIA+ heroes coming in the month of June and new comics coming soon, the publisher is making sure they're doing Pride in style.

What readers can expect in Marvel Voices: Pride 2023

The Pride celebrations at Marvel are teasing several notable introductions and storylines in 2023. First, Steve Foxe ("X-Men '92: House of XCII") and Rosi Kampe ("Ghost Spider") will preview a yet-to-be-announced story about Gimmick, a shapeshifter who appeared in the "Children of the Atom" miniseries. Stephanie Williams ("Nubia: Queen of the Amazons") will introduce a new version of the character Nightshade in a more heroic role. Sarah Gailey ("The Vampire Slayer')" is writing a new Black Cat-starring adventure set in New Orleans. Wiccan and Hulkling will run into a new hero from Shadi Petosky ("The Sandman"). Additionally, H. E. Edgmon ("The Witch King") will debut a new symbiote character.

Marvel Voices also features a main cover from artist Amy Reeder ("Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur") featuring fan-favorite heroes including Viv Vision, Wiccan and Hulkling, Loki, Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean, Escapade, Destiny, and the newer Spider-Verse hero, Web-Weaver. "Marvel Voices: Pride" #1 will also feature a variant from P. Craig Russell ("The Ring of the Nibelung") which highlights the "Guardians of the Galaxy" romance between Hercules and Marvel Boy. Additionally, Phil Jimenez ("Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons") and Jan Bazaldua ("Red Goblin") will provide soon-to-be-revealed variant covers.

The celebrations continue through 2023

While the main draw of Marvel's Pride celebrations is the 2023 anthology, LGBTIA+ heroes and villains will star in new books throughout the year. Loki is getting a self-titled miniseries from Dan Watters ("Sword of Azrael") and German Peralta ("Maestro"), where the God of Stories will be forced to confront his trickster past. Meanwhile, books featuring LGBTQIA+ characters, including "Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain" by Tini Howard and Vasco Georgiev, "New Mutants: Lethal Legion" by Charlie Jane Anders and Enid Balam, as well as "Star Wars: Sana Starros" by Justina Ireland and Pere Perez, will continue to be released. Marvel is also teasing a new, unnamed "Fall of X" title tying into its current "X-Men" line.

In June, Marvel will also spotlight characters in new Pride variants from Lucas Werneck and David Talaski. Throughout the month, readers will be able to pick up variant covers from the talented artists, including those featuring Web-Weaver ("Amazing Spider-Man" #27), Black Cat ("Amazing Spider-Man" #28), Aaron Fischer ("Captain America: Cold War Omega" #1), and Escapade ("X-Men" #23). You can see the full cover reveals here.

The first announcements of "Marvel Voices: Pride" #1 are encouraging, as giving LGTBQIA+ creators the platform to tell stories featuring its diverse characters, both new and old, is always welcome. Between the unnamed teased heroes, the gorgeous variant covers coming throughout June from Werneck and Talaski, and characters who deserve the spotlight being featured in the anthology, Marvel is making their Pride celebrations count.

The Pride celebrations begin with "Marvel Voices: Pride" #1 from Marvel Comics coming out on June 14 and special variant covers coming out throughout the month. We will keep readers updated when more information becomes available.