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Why Sofina From D&D: Honor Among Thieves Looks So Familiar

Bards, barbarians, and paladins come racing back into theaters with "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves." It's not the first time the popular tabletop game became a feature-length film, but it's certainly going to be the one with the biggest budget.

This time around, a noble band of heroes must go up against dastardly villains, including the treacherous Sofina (Daisy Head), who wields the power of necromancy. Not much is known about the character leading up to the film's release, and that's precisely how the movie's directors want it. When speaking to IGN about the film, John Francis Daley said about Sofina holding a particular magical item: "Here you see this character of who we know very little about holding the mighty MacGuffin, which we don't want to give too much information about here, but it comes into play very prominently in this film."

Daisy Head, who plays Sofina, has a well-rounded resume, fitting in right at home in the world of "D&D." And while she may be bald with unique eyes in the fantasy film, you may recognize her from some of her other works. 

Daisy Head played another magic user in Underworld: Blood Wars

Daisy Head was destined for a life on screen. She's the daughter of Anthony Head, best known for playing Rupert Giles on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and can most recently be seen on "Ted Lasso." On top of that, her mother is Sarah Fisher, who's appeared as herself in a number of programs. Daisy Head's resume dates back to when she was still a child, but she really broke out into the mainstream courtesy of a role in 2016's "Underworld: Blood Wars." 

She plays Alexia, a neophyte Death Dealer who pursues Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and David (Theo James) throughout the film. On top of that, Alexia must also hide a secret relationship with Lycan leader Marius (Tobias Menzies). That affair proves to be her undoing, as she's soon found out and quickly dispatched by Semira (Lara Pulver).

Starring in "Underworld" was fortuitous for the young actress. She got a taste of franchise filmmaking and was well-prepped several years later when "Dungeons & Dragons" came knocking.

She appeared in a single episode of The Sandman

While Daisy Head's filmography spans genre, fantasy certainly seems to be a specialty for her. She returned to her bread and butter in 2022 with a small but memorable role in Netflix's "The Sandman." She only appears in Episode 5 of Season 1, titled "24/7," as one of the diner guests. The episode functions as a bit of a deviation from the rest of the series as we step away from the trials of Lord Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) and instead draw our focus to John Dee (David Thewlis), who has become preoccupied with the machinations of a group of people hiding secrets and trying to manipulate one another. 

John Dee, in possession of the ruby, prevents the diner occupants from lying, driving them to murder and suicide. It may come across as a simple bottle episode, but it's arguably one of the most significant chapters of the show's first season. In its review of the episode, Collider wrote, "The episode deals directly with what it means to be human, that we are flawed people who are trying our best to survive and hopefully thrive in the world around us. However, the world around us can be a frightening place, with our hopes and dreams in constant battle with the reality of trying to make ends meet, find someone to share our time with, and make true connections with the people around us that go beyond the superficial." Daisy Head encapsulated this idea well with Judy, who's dealing with a fight with her girlfriend. 

She's a regular on Netflix with Shadow and Bone

2023 is looking to be a stellar year for Daisy Head. In addition to starring in "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves," she's also popped up on Season 2 of Netflix's "Shadow and Bone." The new season came out in its entirety on March 16, and Head went from a recurring cast member in Season 1 to a regular in the second outing. 

Head plays Genya Safin, a friend of Alina (Jessie Mei Li) and the only known Grisha Tailor, who has the ability to change people's appearances. Genya naturally has a more compelling arc in Season 2 as she's a more prominent player, and Head spoke about this development to Screen Rant: "I think it's incredibly powerful. I think all humans at some point will inevitably feel and face some kind of pain in their life, and we have no choice in that. But where we do have a choice is how we exist through the suffering, and whether we let ourselves suffer or we use the pain that we've endured to strengthen our character and try and navigate through life in spite of it." Head's proven herself to be a solid performer time and time again, and it's incredibly exciting to see where she'll go next.