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Who Plays Maya On Sweet Tooth?

In the Netflix series "Sweet Tooth," the "Great Crumble" occurs when a virus called the H5G9 strain wipes out much of the human race. At the same time, as the virus begins manifesting itself, a new species of humans have begun to be born called "hybrids." These humans exhibit a mix of human and animal traits. We are introduced to Gus, or 'Sweet Tooth' (Christian Convery), a baby boy with a mixture of deer features. His father, Richard, or 'Pubba,' raises Gus in the woods, because the humans that survived the pandemic believe hybrids caused the virus and want to kill them.

The fantasy show has intrigued viewers with its intricate weaving of various storylines along with a fascinating array of characters. Some of them, like Gus, are inherently good, and others, like Tommy "Big Man" Jepped, have many more layers. Big Man, a former poacher who used to kill hybrids, has a change of heart after Gus begins following him, urging him to help him get to Colorado to find his mother.

Fans of "Sweet Tooth" were thrilled when Season 2 was announced, along with new characters. Maya Monkey, played by Amie Donald, is one of the hybrids we briefly saw in Season 1. We can expect to see a lot more of her when Season 2 premieres on April 27, as Donald's career is just beginning to take off.

M3GAN introduced her to a global audience

New Zealand-born Amie Donald just turned 13, but thanks to the recent hit horror film "M3GAN," she's already caught the eye of filmmakers and fans alike. Playing a doll with artificial intelligence who becomes self-aware, Donald was the human actress behind M3GAN. Responsible for the film's viral dance scene and the leopard-like run through the forest, she stunned everyone working on the film. "We're so lucky to be one of the first films to work with her," producer Judson Scott told Woman Day. "She can dance, she can perform all these incredible stunts and her on-screen presence is something you really can't teach."

When she was 9 years old, Donald went to the Dance World Cup in Portugal and became the first New Zealand dancer to win medals — a silver in Jazz and a bronze in contemporary dance (via Daily Mail). She also loves doing stunts and worked on the upcoming film "The Tank" as a stunt double. Her dream is to continue combining everything she loves in her future roles, telling Woman Day, "Everybody on set always asked me, 'Do you want to be a stunt girl or do you want to do acting?' But I want to be an actor who does my own stunts –- and I still want to dance. I love it."