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Fans Of Sweet Tooth Just Got The News They've Been Waiting For

Jim Mickle's "Sweet Tooth" has been one of 2021's greatest discoveries. Boasting a 98% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, the Netflix fantasy series has wowed fans and critics with its oddball premise, compelling characters and emotionally engaging storytelling. In many ways, "Sweet Tooth" is unlike anything on the small screen at the moment. However, its themes makes it feel disturbingly relatable and relevant in these COVID-ravaged times. Based on a Vertigo Comics series of the same name, "Sweet Tooth" is a heartstring-tugging post-apocalyptic story that centers around human-animal hybrids who were born following a catastrophe that changed the world. Naturally, this has led to them becoming endangered and hunted by humans, who blame them for the horrific events. The show mainly follows Gus (Christian Convery), a young boy with deer parts who must survive in the harsh terrain.

Season 1 ended on some major cliffhangers with questions that need answering. However, given that Netflix is quite trigger happy when it comes to cutting its programming after one season, some fans probably feared "Sweet Tooth" would experience a similar fate. Not quite.

Sweet Tooth has been renewed for a second season

Given that Season 1 ended with Gus and some of his fellow hybrids in a precarious situation, it'd just be cruel of Netflix to cancel "Sweet Tooth" now. Fortunately, the streaming giant has greenlit another season, according to the show's Twitter account. Little is known about the plot at the time, but if you can't wait until the new season drops, the graphic novels are there to provide some clues. Maybe some "Sweet Tooth" characters could unexpectedly turn out to be hybrids.

"Sweet Tooth" is reportedly one of Netflix's biggest hits in recent memory. So much so that there have been rumors of the series being renewed for two more seasons (per Small Screen). It remains to be seen if that's the case, but fans can take comfort knowing that more guaranteed adventures from Gus and the gang are on the way.