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Grey's Anatomy: What Parents Should Know Before Letting Their Kids Watch The Drama

"Grey's Anatomy" has dominated primetime TV ever since it introduced its sexually active surgeons to the world in 2005. From the get-go, it ruled the cultural conversation, managing to lay down enough roots to stay at the top of rating lists for years to come. Even in Season 19, it shows little sign of stopping. And considering the show's cultural prominence, it makes sense that parents have wondered if their kids can watch "Grey's Anatomy" with them.

The fact of the matter is that "Grey's Anatomy," while shying away from graphic violence and nudity, is often filled with overtly sexual dialogue and realistic (read: bloody) surgeries. It's rated TV-14, after all, and even boasts the occasional "b***h" or "damn." However, it's still helpful to remember that this show once introduced the harmless euphemism "vajayjay" into the popular lexicon. That said, Common Sense Media still believes that parents should exercise caution when introducing their children to the long-running drama series.

Grey's is appropriate for kids 15+

"Grey's" is famous for dispatching of main characters with bloody glee, especially when one of the actors has been clamoring to leave the show (see: Patrick Dempsey). Such mature developments can be tough for kids to swallow, hence Common Sense's decision to label "Grey's" as suitable for teens above the age of 15. Of course, the series' sexual themes are part of that, as well. After all, "Grey's" first achieved nationwide attention for its steamy hookups and heartrending romances, leading viewers to wonder if the show's characters ever practiced actual medicine.

Additionally, the characters of "Grey's" often go out for drinks — in fact, that's how Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) first got into trouble with Dr. McDreamy (Dempsey). That sort of after-work fraternizing can be suggestive for young children and pre-teens whose parents want to keep them from making poor decisions. Overall, while the show is mostly made for adults, young adults, and kids in their late teens, it's up to each individual parent to decide whether "Grey's" is worth playing on the family TV every week.