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The CSI: Vegas Death Mandeep Dhillon Found 'Fascinating' Yet 'Disgusting'

Death, the looming and unbreakable promise which hangs over us all, guaranteeing that all of this must one day end, sure makes for good TV. Even so, after hundreds and hundreds of hours of episodes, it would be perfectly understandable for the cast of any given "CSI" spin-off to be sort of over it. Once you've seen anti-Semitic twin-impersonating sleep study torture murderers, everything else probably seems a little old hat.

That's why it's bound to turn some heads when a cast member on the new-car-smell "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" follow-up "CSI: Vegas" says that they found a particular on-screen death both "fascinating" and "disgusting."

"I mean, to be fair with you, the deaths, on every episode, I read the script, and I'm like, 'This is awful,'" Mandeep Dhillon confided in an interview with Behind the Screens with the energy of a parent who doesn't play favorites and finds all of her children equally disgusting. If she had to pick a favorite, though? According to Dhillon, she'd go with the expiration of a gentleman in the season two episode "The Painted Man."

"A dead man shows up painted in this haunted horror house thing," she recalled. "And that was fascinating; that death, in general, and disgusting, as well."

CSI Vegas's Mandeep Dhillon got the heeby jeebies from The Painted Man

If you watched the season two "CSI: Vegas" episode "The Painted Man," you'll probably remember what Mandeep Dhillon was referencing when she called a particular death "fascinating" and "disgusting, as well."

In the episode's opening moments, viewers are treated to a look at the inside of a walk-through horror show, with actors pretending to chainsaw one another for the benefit of onlookers. Sensing that it's in the setup for an episode of "CSI," a mannequin in the background tips over, cracking open the area around its hand and exposing the fingers of an actual dead body inside, which — you know when you stay in the pool too long and your fingers go all pruney? Imagine if that happened to a bouquet of hot dogs. That's what it looks like. There's goo that they have to scrape off the floor with a dough knife.

"Honestly, it amazes me how many people love gore," Dhillon's Allie Rajan says as she enters the crime scene that needs investigating, being careful not to step in body goo. With 3.2 million viewers putting eyes on that episode, it's a heck of a sentiment.