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Netflix Viewers Agree Noise Is Not Worth The Watch

There are plenty of great movies streaming on Netflix, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few duds in the mix. "Noise" is a Belgian film that has all the makings of a nail-biting thriller. At the center of the story is Matthias (Ward Kerremans), an influencer who recently moved back into his childhood home with his girlfriend, Liv (Sallie Harmsen), and their infant son. Matthias' father, Pol (Johan Leysen), wavers in and out of lucidity due to dementia, but manages to recall a tragic accident that took place at his chemical plant years earlier. Desperate to prove that his father is innocent of all wrongdoing, Matthias starts losing touch with reality as he digs into what happened.

Despite this promising setup, Netflix viewers agree that the movie doesn't live up to the premise. Twitter user @kittypurryy__ sums it up perfectly: "Don't watch 'Noise' on Netflix. Waste of time." While the film totes itself as a thriller, the slow-moving plot doesn't offer much excitement for fans of the genre. The movie's 89-minute runtime focuses on weaving together half-baked storylines and any hair-raising moments are few and far between. The narrative stumbles on unsure footing from start to finish and Netflix viewers weren't shy about their feelings on the matter.

Netflix viewers think that thriller fans can skip Noise

After watching "Noise," viewers found themselves scratching their heads. The plot was confusing enough that Twitter user @MisterFryday couldn't help but ask, "I can't believe I sat through that mess, and wtf was it even about?"

By the time the credits roll, the characters' motivations and mindsets are still unclear. Was Matthias looking for evidence about the mysterious factory accident, or was his investigation just a misguided attempt to connect with his mother, who struggled with postpartum depression? It's hard to tell, but maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle. Some people must enjoy that ambiguity because, against all odds, this psychological thriller flop is killing it on Netflix. It's a turn of events that has shocked viewers like Twitter user @dee_es_dee, who said, "'Noise' on Netflix was such [a] waste of time. How it made to top 10 I don't know."

Still, any good qualities are undermined by the meandering plot. "This new film 'Noise' on Netflix has an interesting storyline but had to do research on it after watching it as it was quite confusing. 6/10," said Twitter user @diambrr, giving the movie an average rating. However, other viewers were less forgiving. "'NOISE' should be removed from Netflix immediately," wrote Twitter user @JoannaMajdalani.

Overall, opinions about "Noise" are all over the place — kind of like the movie itself.