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Sheamus Fans Are Buzzing Over The WWE Superstar's NCIS: LA Cameo

Working in undercover operations often provides the likes of Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) plenty of opportunities to meet all sorts of interesting and often dangerous individuals associated with criminal elements. The most recent episode from the final season of "NCIS: Los Angeles" starts with some heavy-handed late twentieth century jokes, but it quickly escalates into an investigation involving drug dealers, crooked cops, and underground fights. Luckily, Hanna is a professional, and he soon finds himself as a willing participant in one of the clandestine fights, which provides the crew of "NCIS: LA" the information they need.

However, the person that Hanna finds himself up against is none other than Stephen Farrelly, who is probably better known as his real-life professional wrestler alter-ego, Sheamus. Channeling a heel persona, Sheamus goads Hanna before the fight, making several rude comments directed at both Hanna and Fatima Namazi (Medalion Rahimi). Of course, having a well-known WWE wrestler like Sheamus on a popular television show like "NCIS: Los Angeles" is sure to create a lot of chatter among viewers, who gleefully took to social media to express their thoughts. One such viewer, @Dark_Dragon_X, wrote, "Dude you were awesome on this episode loved it I wasn't expecting to see you."

NCIS: LA fans enjoyed watching Sheamus and Sam duke it out

Sheamus himself even started many conversations over on Twitter, where he posted different images from "NCIS: Los Angeles," and he asked if his fans were ready to watch him throw hands with the legendary LL Cool J. This caused an immediate response from his followers, with several like @BukkyBello, @thegangreviews, @nickysturzu, and @BramKassidy all making mention of the word "banger," which is one of Sheamus' catchphrases. Many other fans also thoroughly enjoyed Sheamus appearing on "NCIS: Los Angeles," such as @RobertD555, who shared a GIF of an excited Peter from "Family Guy," and @ccgamergirl94, who was amazed to see Sheamus and LL Cool J sharing the screen.

@_NicholasThomas joked, "I wanna see Sam try Sheamus' Celtic Warrior Workout," while @OAgbama added, "Nice having the wrestler, Sheamus on set! Nice one! PS: Sam handed his *** to him in the ring." @LegendaryWWE_ wondered if LL Cool J might show up and cameo alongside Sheamus during a WWE event, and wrote, "LL Cool J in Sheamus' corner as an honorary Brute at WrestleMania?" Although Sheamus isn't in "NCIS: Los Angeles" for very long, it seems as if his cameo proved to be a banger in the eyes of many.