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The AHS Theory That Connects Hotel's James March To Murder House

"American Horror Story" has been the subject of many fan theories. Considering that "American Horror Story" tells a different story each season, but recycles its actors to play different roles in seasons, it's understandable that fans hyper-fixate on threading the needle through its storylines. Due to its anthology format, fans look for how each season connects in some fashion — beyond taking place in the same universe. Since the show's beginning, fans have looked for dots to connect each story.

Some seasons make connections easy — like season 3's "Coven" cast of witches coming back to defeat the antichrist in season 8, "Apocalypse." With "Apocalypse" being a continuation of the witches' story, the connection between seasons 3 and 8 is canonically accurate. While most connections between seasons are more theory-based, "Apocalypse" wasn't the first time "American Horror Story" created a direct link between stories. In "Hotel," the Countess (Lady Gaga) visits Dr. Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross) to have a secret abortion. 

While this connection between "Hotel" and "Murder House" is canon, it's led many fans to believe that James March (Evan Peters) also had dark dealings with Dr. Montgomery. According to a fan theory, March might have been the culprit behind the kidnapping and death of the Montgomerys' baby.

March could have been the jealous boyfriend

"American Horror Story" started with Dr. Montgomery. In the 1920s, he was a doctor for the Hollywood elite and built the house that would become the Murder House. Montgomery was a successful surgeon. However, his drug addictions paired with macabre tendencies led to his demise. Eventually, Montgomery's wife convinced him to perform illegal abortions to financially survive.

According to canon, the Countess wanted an abortion, and Montgomery was the most discrete way to have one. However, the Montgomerys' child was kidnapped by a jealous boyfriend of one of Montgomery's patients. In desperate revenge for killing his child, this anonymous boyfriend settled the score by taking the doctor's child.

Once "Hotel" confirmed that the Countess sought out Montgomery, a fan theory started to take shape. After believing her vampire lover abandoned her, the Countess married March for his wealth. However, when her lover returned and turned her into a vampire, she wished to rid herself of anything connecting her to March. The abortion ultimately failed, resulting in Bartholomew, the Countess' disfigured son who is still alive during "Hotel" but stuck as a baby.

March being the jealous boyfriend makes perfect sense. Not only is March based on H. H. Holmes, the notorious serial killer who allegedly created a murder hotel, but he's hopelessly in love with the Countess. Finding out that she tried to abort his child would lead him to do something unspeakable.

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