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South Park Fans Weigh In On Celebrities They Want Spoofed In The Future

There's a good chance that if the writing staff of "South Park" knew every person on Earth, they'd probably find a way to lampoon them on the show. Looking at the vast roster of celebrities that the Trey Parker and Matt Stone created cartoon have riffed on over the years, the show's creative team have proven their uncanny ability to make fun of anyone in the most absurd manner possible. 

In fact, one of the show's most recent celebrity jabs has gotten "South Park" into some hot water — again. The second episode of the show's still ongoing 26th season sees the Prince of Canada and his wife, a parody of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, go on an international tour begging the world for privacy before winding up in South Park. While rumors of legal action were denounced by a spokesperson for the couple, the episode nevertheless allegedly got under Markle's skin, with the former actress reportedly being "upset and overwhelmed" by the portrayal. 

The hard-hitting parody not only had fans rolling with laughter, but got many thinking about who else deserves a good roasting from the "South Park" crew. Amongst these individuals is Redditor u/bigrobdd who asks fellow fans, "Other possible celebrity targets this season due to their perceived cringe behavior?" The user suggests singer-songwriter Sam Smith, whose recent music video has garnered controversy. But that only scratches the surface for fans.  

These suggestions are too controversial to pass up on

The recent Harry and Meghan parody on "South Park" has ignited fans' minds with ideas of who the long-running adult animated series can take down next. On Reddit, some think it's high time that some notable celebrities who were previously made fun of on the show make a comeback. Redditor u/Low-Set4167 suggests none other than one of the current kings of controversy, saying, "Elon musk is definitely gonna make a reappearance." Meanwhile, u/custom2112 proposes the iconic animated series tackle Leo DiCaprio and the actor's dating habits.

One name that came up by such users as u/Lolsuperboy and u/Cringeyboy1 is none other than highly controversial media personality Andrew Tate, with the latter suggesting he go up against PC Principal (voiced by Trey Parker). Tate's reputation for toxic masculinity and recent run-ins with the law sounds tailor-made for a "South Park" jab.

Still, some feel that controversial entertainment figures, such as Justin Roiland, suggested by u/howdouhavegoodnames, and Ezra Miller, suggested by u/LoudKingCrow, would make for the most fitting subjects for satire. "South Park" has never been afraid to touch some hot water subjects, and it seems that their selection of controversial celebrities won't be going cold anytime soon.