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Are Mandeep Dhillon And Matt Lauria From CSI: Vegas Friends In Real Life?

If some members of the cast of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" didn't get along, they wouldn't be alone in Hollywood. Nor would a lack of fondness necessarily translate to bad performances on-screen. The history of film and TV is littered with examples of co-stars who couldn't stand each other, but still turned out excellent performances. 

Still, it's quite nice to know when co-stars do get along. After all, nobody likes having to work with people they dislike. And for the most part, it seems that the cast of the original "CSI" got along. This also carried over when the series rebooted in 2021 with "CSI: Vegas." At least it sounds like some of the co-stars have become fast friends. 

Speaking with In Creative Company, Mandeep Dhillon, who plays CSI lab technician Allie Rajan, was asked about the easy rapport her character seems to have with fellow tech Josh Folsom, played by Matt Lauria. "Me and Matt are best friends," explained Dhillon. "And we get on so well, and we go on well from the get-go, to be fair." Dhillon also said that anyone who watches the show closely will probably notice through their characters how the two actors have become increasingly comfortable with each other.

So will Allie and Josh ever be a thing?

It sounds like the directors of "CSI: Vegas" also realized that they could put the rapport between Mandeep Dhillon and Matt Lauria to good use. "Also, the directors, they knew what we were like," Dhillon said. "We would always be mucking about and stuff on set, so I think they let us put that into the show. Which is wonderful, because I think it's — it's real as well."

This is always good news for two actors who have to be consistently working together in such close proximity, and for viewers who enjoy watching them. It might also create problems should Josh and Allie decide to act on the obvious chemistry that they have together. During an interview with CBS News Chicago, Dhillon and Lauria both seemed to agree that a romance between their characters would be a bit awkward for them as actors. Still, the two are pros. Should the writers see it as the right direction to take things, Dhillon will be ready. Speaking in an exclusive with Looper, Dhillon also acknowledged how awkward an onscreen romance might be — specifically raising the possibility that the two will get infected with the giggles during love scenes. Nonetheless, she would love to see the two characters wind up together at some point.