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Ted Lasso: Brett Goldstein Reveals Which Season 2 Scene Had The Cast In Tears

In a television landscape that's positively teeming with anti-heroes and backstabbing opportunists, "Ted Lasso" is just the kind of feel-good TV to provide the antidote. The Emmy-winning sports comedy series has emerged as one of the biggest hits on Apple TV+ and is showing that you don't necessarily need gritty violence and shocking character deaths to keep people watching.

Brett Goldstein plays soccer captain and assistant coach Roy Kent in "Ted Lasso," and the actor has had to adapt with his character as he slowly ages out of the game that he loves so dearly. Though Kent has taken on a role overseeing the team with Ted over the course of the series, it's clear he's still a player at heart. Goldstein joined "Ted Lasso" castmate Hannah Waddingham to share some behind-the-scenes details about the popular series with BBC Radio 1. One of the most interesting tidbits came when Goldstein revealed that he and the other cast members were openly moved to tears when they emerged in Wembley Stadium in Season 2, Episode 8 ("Man City").

Amazingly, though, it was because the cast thought the show would probably be a failure. "Genuinely, we thought no one would watch this show," Goldstein said. "And I really mean [it]. That isn't being humble."

The cast did not expect Ted Lasso to catch on with viewers

Though we know today that "Ted Lasso" has become a bona fide hit and one of the most in-demand shows on Apple TV+, the stars of the show weren't always so sure that they'd get to continue the series. Brett Goldstein revealed that he and Jason Sudeikis weren't even sure they'd get a second season.

"Me and Jason, on the last day of Season 1, were like, 'Well, no one will probably watch it, but we had a nice time,' the actor recalled. "'Like, we did a thing.' In Season 2, when we filmed at Wembley Stadium, and we had f***ing Wembley Stadium to ourselves, there's a scene, you've seen the scene where we all walk out into the stadium and are all looking around, Goldstein went on. "That was real. People cried. It was really quite powerful."

Being that fans often find themselves getting emotional while watching "Ted Lasso," they will no doubt find the cast's real-life reaction to this moment insanely relatable. Furthermore, with Season 3 currently airing, viewers can likely look forward to even more tear-inducing moments as the beloved series continues on Apple TV+.