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That '70s Show's Tommy Chong Always Knew The Series Finale Wasn't Really The End

For fans originally watching "That '70s Show," it may have seemed out of left field to introduce a character like Leo (Tommy Chong). After all, if someone new were going to join the gang, it would make sense for it to be someone their own age. But Leo fit in perfectly, exemplifying the stoner culture of the decade and having instantly iconic one-liners. 

His character may have come and gone from the show (due to some real-life legal troubles for Chong), but he managed to come back for the final season, becoming a regular cast member under the series finale. And to really make things full circle, he even pops up in the revival series, "That '90s Show." For Chong, it was only a matter of time before the storyline of "That '70s Show" got picked back up, telling The Mary Sue, "I mean, when we stopped That 70s Show, it wasn't like, 'oh, thank God it's over.' It was more like, 'oh no, I guess we're gonna get a long break.'" They did, indeed, take a 17-year break, but no doubt fans were glad to see everyone return for "That '90s Show."

Tommy Chong compared the break between shows to the pandemic

There was no way to predict back in 2006 when "That '70s Show" ended how exactly it would be revived. After all, in 2006, Netflix was still sending people DVDs in the mail. There was no way to envision it as one of the most popular streaming services around that had the ability to reboot beloved properties. But fans are undoubtedly thankful it took a shot at bringing audiences "That '90s Show," which has been renewed for a second season.

Tommy Chong went on to talk about how he could always tell there was more to this story: "It's almost like we got shut down for the pandemic. And now we're starting up again. Only we're starting up with the grandkids. When we did the last show, it was so touching and so sweet, but there wasn't no final feeling behind it, it always felt like we're gonna take a break and then we're gonna come back and here we are."

"That '70s Show" was always a coming-of-age tale about teenagers growing up, finding love, and discovering their place in the world. It's only natural to catch up with them years later to see them as the parents this time around and how some things truly never change when it comes to youth.