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Willow Showrunner Says The Disney+ Series Isn't Really Dead (And That's A Good Thing)

When "Willow" on Disney+ was first announced, the possibilities for continuing a cult classic fantasy film from the late 1980s were met with intrigue and excitement by many. Even though the series follow-up was missing some of the quirky elements that made the movie memorable, Warwick Davis in the title role and Joanne Whalley (Sorsha) were joined by a new cast of characters that were equally as engaging.

This is why the death of "Willow" after a single season seems like such a missed opportunity despite the program's mixed reception with audiences. But according to a tweet from series developer Jonathan Kasdan, an outright cancellation is not the proper way to situate the fate of the adventure series — even though its actors were released to pursue other projects.

Kasdan's ambiguous statement has put a pause on the show's burial in the TV graveyard, and that's a good thing since the season ended on a cliffhanger in "Children of the Wyrm." While his announcement doesn't necessarily confirm a Season 2, here is what the showrunner had to say.

Jonathan Kasdan says Season 2 won't begin filming within the next year

In his Twitter statement, Jonathan Kasdan thanked both fans and critics of "Willow" before explaining the delay of Season 2. Kasdan pointed out that media outlets jumped to conclusions and claimed the program was axed, when in fact, no decision has been made. He cited the difficulties that streaming TV shows face regarding finances and scheduling, and with this in mind, he and other executives decided to allow the cast to pursue new projects while the show's ultimate fate remains a question mark.

The showrunner also shared how the performers were not under a binding contract, which means they were free to take on other roles regardless of a "Willow" renewal. Kasdan then pointed out that long-form streaming television shows with multiple seasons were coming to a crawl production-wise, apparently an industry-wide phenomenon.

To conclude, the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" screenwriter added that the fantasy series will not resume filming in the next 12 months. This is not exactly good news, but not as bad as some outlets previously reported. For fans of the show, or for those who hate permanent cliffhangers, this is a welcome development.

Willow deserves a resolution to that Season 1 cliffhanger

At the end of Season 1, we finally see Elora Danan (Ellie Bamber) come into her own as she accepts her destiny as the future ruler of Tir Asleen. But this is almost destroyed when she nearly kisses Prince Airk (Dempsey Bryk) while he's being manipulated by the Wyrm — the force determined to neutralize Danan's powers. All of this leads to a conclusion that sees the sorcerer Prince Graydon (Tony Revolori) thrown into the Wyrm's dimension, and the cliffhanger leaves us with the possibility that the powerful prince will turn evil.

There have been far too many shows that get canceled after a cliffhanger ending. This permanently robs the program's audience of receiving a proper climax and resolution to the action promised by the unresolved conclusion. Although "Willow" has had its fair share of detractors, the show succeeded by blending elements from the feature with new storylines. But wherever the critical consensus falls, open-ended endings are frustrating.

Fans have a right to see what becomes of Graydon, and how the group continues to battle the Wyrm and allow Elora to fulfill her potential. She was the centerpiece of the 1988 film, and that continued in the series format, with Willow vying to protect her even after the passage of so many years. Even the most polarizing TV show deserves a proper ending for its dedicated viewers.