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Sense8 Finale Trailer Brings The Sensates Back Together One Last Time

Sense8 is heading off into the great unknown with one last world-spanning adventure — and you can watch the trailer for the supersized series finale now.

The Netflix sci-fi series, created by Cloud Atlas creative team Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer, was unceremoniously canceled after its second season a year ago, leaving the series to end on an unfortunate and aggravating cliffhanger. 

Following massive fan outcry, the streaming service changed direction, agreeing to put up the funding for one last two-hour long series finale for the sake of wrapping up the series' trippy, expansive story — and hopefully provide some answers to the show's dedicated fans. 

According to the trailer, the finale will focus on the seven free sensates teaming up to save Wolfgang from the clutches of the BPO corporation, tying up at least some of the series' mysteries in the process of rescuing their friend. 

Like with everything else Sense8 — everything else the Wachowskis' touch, to be honest — the trailer is achingly sincere, full of more group hugs and soft-focus smiles than any sci-fi series that has ever come before it. 

But that earnestness is part of the series' lasting charm — and the trailer also teases plenty of kickass, full-squad action sequences, to keep things from being so nonstop sappy. Everyone wins.

Sense8 returns for its final episode on Netflix June 8.