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Beth And Carter's Flower Scene Had Yellowstone Fans Fighting Back Tears

If there's one quality "Yellowstone" fans know for sure that Beth (Kelly Reilly) lacks, it's maternal warmth. But if the Dutton daughter ever has allowed a glimmer of motherly sentiment to slip out, it was in one noteworthy Season 4 Episode 7 scene with the formerly homeless street-urchin-turned-ranch-hand, troubled teenager Carter (Finn Little).

The moment in question occurs in the aftermath of Beth and Carter's catastrophic shopping trip to town in the Season 4 episode "All I See Is You." At the store, Carter throws a fit at not being allowed to buy a fancy shirt, and Beth comes down hard on him. This prompts a major confrontation with a customer who records Beth's harsh disciplining of Carter, prompting Beth to smash the woman's phone. 

In the subsequent "Keep the Wolves Close" episode, a chastised Carter approaches Beth with a bouquet to make up for his behavior. Beth isn't impressed and tells him that real men apologize with words, not gifts. Dejected, the boy says he's going to leave the ranch and go back to living on the street, pointing out that he has no big dreams about life because he's too busy worrying about basic food and shelter. 

This admission softens Beth, and the two share an unexpected moment of closeness. Responding to a YouTube clip of the exchange, series' fan @elaineweinberg7094 gushed, "I absolutely love this [scene]. Brought me to tears." And that was just the start of a cascade of heartfelt appreciation for this emotionally gripping Beth-and-Carter interlude.

Fans were totally taken by Beth's unexpected outreach to Carter

As seen in the YouTube clip, Beth does indeed reveal having a soft spot for Carter. Telling him he can stay if he promises to do exactly what she says, she adds: "You ask questions when you don't understand. You ask questions when you do understand. Never lie to me." Carter instantly agrees to her rules, clearly ready to sign on to anything Beth would ask if it means he's finally been accepted.

Other "Yellowstone" fans commenting on the YouTube clip were also moved by the scene, with @neilcox7879 saying, "Such great acting and brilliant dialogue delivered with emotion and power." Series' fan @foxibot referenced Carter's earlier line to Beth about being too concerned with simply surviving to have childhood dreams, writing, "That poor little boy, how many kids in real life have to worry about where they will eat or sleep. Heartbreaking." 

Viewer @daverage4729 also keyed in on this same line of dialogue, saying Carter's words "hit Beth like a slap." Meanwhile, @Montanamtngirl was just glad Beth was now going to be there for Carter, saying, "I love Carter! I'm so glad that Beth took him under her wing ... she saved him."