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Barry Keoghan Reportedly Being Considered For Key Gladiator 2 Role

Although it is hard to imagine a sequel to "Gladiator" without Russell Crowe in the lead role, the story is set to continue nearly 25 years later. "Gladiator 2" will see the return of Ridley Scott in the director's chair and is set to be released on November 22, 2024, as a major kickstart to the 2024 holiday movie season.

In major casting news released by The Hollywood Reporter, Academy Award nominee Barry Keoghan, who scored a Best Supporting Actor nod for his role in "The Banshees of Inisherin," is in talks to play a major character in the narrative.

Although his casting has not been made official, the Irish actor is in talks to play the reigning Emperor of Rome, who was last played by Joaquin Phoenix as the evil Emperor Commodus in the first film. He will also be joined by another recent 2023 Oscar nominee if he wins the part.

The actor would join Paul Mescal in the Ridley Scott-directed sequel as Emperor Geta

According to The Hollywood Reporter, if cast, Barry Keoghan will reportedly play Emperor Geta, a real ruler of the Roman Empire, but since the movie is not based on true events, it is unclear if the script will include elements of the monarch's life. He would join a cast that so far includes Paul Mescal, a 2023 best actor Oscar nominee for "Aftersun," in the lead role as Lucius — the child of Lucilla (Connie Nelson) in "Gladiator." 

The news of his potential casting has been met positively on social media, with @UglyBound on Twitter observing, "Y'all cry about every actor being over exposed... this man is in everything... as he should." @ScottLa69763069 was also pleased with the news.

Keoghan's previous films include "Eternals" and "The Batman," where he played The Joker. If his character in "Gladiator 2" turns out to be a villain, it will expand his impressive range in his burgeoning acting career.