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Rick And Morty Fans Can't Get Over Rick Driving A Normal Car In S6

"Rick and Morty" is in the process of undergoing a major change now that Adult Swim has announced that it's recasting Justin Roiland, following some serious legal allegations against the series co-creator who previously voiced both titular characters. Reporting about him after his departure insinuated that Roiland allegedly didn't do much on "Rick and Morty" beyond voice acting, suggesting that the show will largely remain the same in his wake.

Prior to this news surfacing, some fans were already taken aback by a momentary change in Rick's character in the Season 6 episode "Juricksic Mort." When the episode starts, Morty begs Rick for a ride from school, which leads into a reveal that Rick's portal gun — nonfunctional at the season's start — is almost fixed. It's still not quite working as intended, though, so instead of teleporting through space-time, Rick drives Morty to school in a normal car. Fans, it turns out, took note of Rick's choice of scientifically unadvanced vehicle in the comments section below a YouTube clip of this episode's opening.

For example, in the thread's top comment, Shinigami Phantom wrote, "Rick driving a car was the weirdest part of the episode." In context, this user is arguing that Rick simply driving a car is stranger than hyper-intelligent dinosaurs returning to Earth, reflecting just how much this scene stood out to the "Rick and Morty" fanbase.

Fans wonder why Rick choose a car over his spaceship

Also in the comments beneath this video on YouTube, another user specifically questioned why Rick would choose to take Morty to school in a car rather than his signature spaceship. While one reply proposes that this isn't the first time this has happened in the series, Rick's ship would still be both quicker and a more characteristic choice. Users like Cutie Pie Blu Fish, and Edward Bailey also questioned this otherwise routine car moment.

Meanwhile, commenter Badman3000 wrote, "Rick's basically mad that he can't fast travel anymore." This is in reference to an ensuing conversation between Rick and Morty in the car, about why Rick is taking so long to fix his portal gun. Potentially, it also serves a explanation for why Rick might have picked an unusual vehicle in this instance, given his frustration with technology at the time.

Of course, the most likely reason for Rick driving Morty to school the old fashioned way is that it makes for a comedic contrast to his portal gun. The fact that it stood out at all is testament to the effectiveness of this joke-of-sorts, in which a scientific genius is reduced to behaving like the masses he oftentimes resents.