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Ted Lasso S3 Has Fans Calling Jamie Tartt The Voice Of Reason

"Ted Lasso" Season 3 has made its long-awaited premiere on Apple TV+. Coming off its nearly 2-year long hiatus, the fan-favorite dramedy series has returned with a premiere episode that not only sets the stage for its latest season but also lays the groundwork for "Ted Lasso" to potentially come to an end this year. Whether or not that's what actually ends up happening with the Apple TV+ show remains to be seen. Either way, "Ted Lasso" fans haven't waited long to start voicing their opinions about the show's Season 3 premiere and, specifically, the minor but noteworthy role Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) plays in it.

Indeed, while Jamie isn't one of the episode's main characters, the star AFC Richmond player is, nonetheless, at the center of a few memorable moments. One scene, in particular, sees Jamie step up and offer some words of encouragement to his fellow teammates during a moment of anxiety. In keeping with his typically vain personality, Jamie does so by not only reminding his teammates that they're stronger together, but also that they don't need to worry because they have him on their lineup.

The moment is perfectly in keeping with Jamie's ongoing character arc. Based on the early reactions to the Season 3 premiere, it seems safe to say that "Ted Lasso" fans are quite happy with just how much Jamie has grown over the course of the series, too.

Ted Lasso fans love Jamie's continued character growth

"Ted Lasso" fans have taken to social media to share their reactions to the show's Season 3 premiere. While several moments from the episode have already caught on online as well, it looks like Phil Dunster's Jamie Tartt has emerged as one of the installment's fan-favorite scene-stealers. On Twitter, for instance, @KyloCool630 posted screenshots of Jamie's unique motivational speech in the episode with the caption, "Never change, Jamie Tartt. never change."

Elsewhere, @itshauteoutside tweeted, "Jamie being the voice of reason is the very definition of character growth." Adding to the chorus of Jamie supporters, @lizziethat also took to Twitter to share their appreciation for how seamless and organic the "Ted Lasso" character's emotional growth has felt, writing, "Wild and beautiful what good writing does." Meanwhile, on Reddit, u/SomeoneThrewMyShoe similarly wrote, "If you had told me Season 1 that Jamie Tartt would be the voice of reason and support for the team...I love him so much."

To these fans' credit, it isn't hard to see why "Ted Lasso" viewers have begun to root so passionately for Jamie Tartt. While he was originally introduced in its first season as one of the closest things "Ted Lasso" had to a villain, Jamie has gradually grown into one of the series' most humble, sensitive, and caring supporting players. The fact that he's grown so much without totally shedding some of his less likable personality traits — namely, his vanity and outrageous style — is just a further testament to how well-calibrated Jamie's character arc has been on "Ted Lasso."

Of course, when it comes to what "Ted Lasso" Season 3 has in store for Jamie, it looks like fans will just have to sit back and wait to find out.