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Chicago Med's Torrey DeVitto Thinks Natalie Would Butt Heads With The Vampire Diaries' Meredith

Veteran actor Torrey DeVitto may not have a formal medical degree, but it's possible she projects an attitude during casting auditions that simply screams doctor. While portraying MDs on TV hasn't become a full-time pursuit, her career finds DeVitto treating patients, both human and otherwise, in a pair of iconic TV roles as Dr. Natalie Manning on "Chicago Med" and Dr. Meredith Fell on "The Vampire Diaries."

As Dr. Fell, DeVitto plays a physician with a keen interest in the unusual inhabitants of Mystic Falls. Fell's practice focuses on vampires specifically. Meanwhile, Dr. Manning specializes in the pediatric cases brought into the Emergency Department at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. 

Their clientele is wildly different on each series, but both of these characters are strong, confident women unafraid to speak their minds. Nonetheless, DeVitto said during an interview with Nerds of Color that the two doctors wouldn't get along because Natalie's sense of ethics doesn't dovetail with Meredith's more flexible moral compass.

DeVitto feels that Natalie would be appalled by Meredith's unethical behavior

It can be an interesting, revealing exercise to query actors about how certain characters they've played would interact with each other. In this regard, when asked which of her characters would be friends during an interview, Torrey DeVitto couldn't imagine any of them getting along. 

"No one. Melissa [Hastings] from Pretty Little Liars? No. Meredith Fell? No," DeVitto said. "Natalie would be like, 'This is morally unethical. You cannot use vampire blood to save these patients. Get out of my ED.'"

As any "Vampire Diaries" fan can vouch for, Dr. Meredith Fell doesn't merely want to help out anyone who comes to her. She also stretches the boundaries of medical ethics by using the supernaturally potent qualities of vampire blood to heal patients, with the unwelcome prospect of turning that patient into a vampire. 

As for DeVitto's work on "Chicago Med," despite her quote about Meredith's ethics, Dr. Natalie Manning isn't always an utter paragon of medical propriety on "Chicago Med." In fact, one of the worst things Natalie ever did on "Chicago Med" was steal medicine in its testing phase to treat her ailing mother. While DeVitto may feel that Manning and Fell would butt heads, at times they're of the same mind when it comes to breaking the rules.