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Scream's Creators Aren't Ready To Give Up On Neve Campbell

While Neve Campbell's run as Sidney Prescott in the first five "Scream" movies is longer than that of most original horror franchise protagonists, "Scream 6" is officially the first film in the series absent Campbell's iconic character. Campbell explained that she turned down "Scream 6" after she found the pay she was offered to be lower than what her "Scream" credentials should warrant. Furthermore, she attributed this discrepancy to treatment resulting from her gender, theorizing that a leading man would likely net a higher salary in her same situation.

In an interview The Hollywood Reporter published after the "Scream 6" premiere, co-director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin shared his thoughts on Campbell's absence in response to a question about whether or not the "Scream" team has given up on her remaining a part of the franchise. "We'd never give up on her," Bettinelli-Olpin replied. "We love Neve, and we love Sidney. So we'd love to be able to make another movie with her, and we're not giving up."

Of course, as a director, Bettinelli-Olpin doesn't have final say on actors' salaries and is therefore unable to impact this matter directly. Nevertheless, the fact that Bettinelli-Olpin is not just open to working with Campbell again but seems to be actively interested in her return suggests that this could be a distinct possibility in the series' future.

Neve Campbell maintains a positive working relationship with Scream's key creatives

Also around the time of the "Scream 6" premiere, Kevin Williamson shared his thoughts on Neve Campbell's current relationship to the "Scream" franchise. Williamson — who wrote the first two "Scream" movies and produced each subsequent entry — first noted that the production of "Scream 6" pivoted after Campbell turned down the project, suggesting she still has a significant role to play, given that her absence fundamentally altered the sixth movie's trajectory. Furthermore, like Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Williamson too hopes to work with Campbell again one day.

For what it's worth, Campbell herself doesn't seem closed off to this idea, assuming that the higher-ups in charge of producing "Scream" offer her what she thinks is a fair salary. In an interview Forbes published around the time her decision became public, Campbell praised the "Scream" films and the team behind its present day run. "Obviously, I love the franchise. I love the movies," she said. "I loved these new directors and the cast, so it was a difficult decision to make but I felt for myself that it was the right one."

According to numbers published by outlets like Variety, "Scream 6" earned more on its opening weekend than any prior franchise entry. With interest from multiple involved parties and backed by this degree of financial success, then, the stars may well be aligned for Campbell's return in an inevitable "Scream" sequel.