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2023 Oscars Viewers Aren't Holding Back Their Thoughts On Jimmy Kimmel As Host

The 2023 Oscars were filled with highs and lows, including a controversial host.

For the 95th Academy Awards, late night superstar Jimmy Kimmel was tapped for hosting duties. Kimmel previously hosted Hollywood's most iconic night in 2017 and 2018. Is the third time really a charm? Some viewers don't think so. Following Kimmel's opening monologue, which highlighted the night's nominated films, social media quickly began to blow up with thoughts on the comedian's jokes. "Jimmy Kimmel's delivery is a bit off," wrote Twitter user @RamasScreen. "He needs to slow it just a tiny bit down." This sentiment was echoed by user @Pun_Trash who said the host was "confused in his delivery." 

"we need lydia tár pushing jimmy kimmel off the stage at the oscars just for fun," tweeted @brtherai. While Kimmel's jokes weren't that bad, it's always great to see viewers tie in their distaste for the host with references from the nominees. Kimmel went ahead and praised Todd Field's "Tár," though some found his thoughts on the Cate Blanchett-starrer condescending. "Jimmy Kimmel making jokes about 'Tár' as if the entire scene he just mocked isn't a biting satire on everything happening tonight," said @JaffeToby. User @amandahess even questioned if Kimmel actually saw "Tár" (we're hoping he did).

Others weren't pleased by Kimmel's hurtful jokes. While the Oscars have never shied away from calling out some of Hollywood's duds, misfires, and bombs, some viewers thought the comedian's jab at Damien Chazelle's "Babylon" went way too far. "GET JIMMY KIMMEL OFF THE STAGE I DRAW THE LINE AT 'BABYLON' SLANDER," shared user @cinerhea. "gonna start the jimmy kimmel hate train for the 'babylon' diss," wrote another fan of the Hollywood epic.

Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars gig is a mixed bag

Some viewers even went ahead and suggested that Kimmel bombed during his monologue. "Jimmy Kimmel needs to shut up," @Nella97_ bluntly shared. "how many more years must we be subjected to jimmy kimmel," said @zedonarrival in response to the comedian's Oscars gig. Kimmel was also called by Indian cinephiles for labelling the Telugu-language film "RRR" as a Bollywood production. "I don't need to hear Jimmy Kimmel incorrectly call 'RRR' a bollywood movie," said user @sreekyshooter


While Kimmel received his fair share of flack on the internet, some corners were pleased with how the host was (mostly) sharing the magic of cinema. "jimmy kimmel monologue going well, good job on the no women director nom joke," said @mustardbagel. "always appreciate the crowds gasps and nervous laughter." Viewer @darwinsf confidently labeled Kimmel's monologue as "one of the best in recent years!" 

"#JimmyKimmel monologue at #Oscars2023 pretty good... more a throwback to Bob Hope Johnny Carson," tweeted @yeahrightinc. "His parachute in was rip off of Queen and Bond at London Olympics... a better version."

Though Kimmel's third outing as Oscars host wasn't able to please all viewers, it's great that the comedian was able to find some fans on social media.

Focus on the movies, not Kimmel

It's the Oscars and, ultimately, the host really doesn't matter. After all, viewers across the world (and those in attendance) aren't there to see the host play off gags and goofs — everyone just wants to celebrate cinema. And to fill that requirement, Kimmel did a decent job. His opening monologue highlighted some of the year's most inventive films and reminded audiences just how important seeing movies on the big screen is. 

The host even went ahead and casually called out James Cameron and Tom Cruise, two of the theatrical experience's most ardent supporters for not showing up to the event. As for injustices? Kimmel didn't shy away from pointing out how no women were nominated for Best Director. While the "Babylon" joke was certainly a low blow, one can't also help but appreciate how Kimmel called out Warner Bros. Discovery's cancelation of "Batgirl." Kimmel isn't perfect but he definitely doesn't deserve the spew of hatred he's receiving over on Twitter. Then again, the "Tár" vs Kimmel jokes are hilarious.

This year, more than ever, it's crystal clear that the Oscars want to celebrate movies. Kimmel isn't perfect, but he's necessary for the 2023 Oscars. Twitter user @theshahshahid put it aptly: "Safe jokes. Towing the line between scandalous and good hearted insider Hollywood joshing." Kimmel, you're OK, and that's fine.