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The Greatest Avengers Assemble Is Happening In The Marvel Universe

The Avengers are assembling in their grandest fashion ever as the battle for the Multiverse reaches its conclusion in the pages of Marvel Comics. In a brand-new preview for "Avengers Forever" #15, which is the grand finale to the nine-part "Avengers Assemble" storyline that's taken place over multiple titles, the Multiversal Avengers are at full strength as they try to take down Mephisto and Doom Supreme.

The greatest heroes in the Multiverse from different timelines, worlds, and everywhere in between have gathered together at the God Quarry following the Multiversal Masters of Evil's murderous attack to control every reality. While the heroes, led by the most powerful Avenger ever, Avenger Prime (a variant of Loki), have successfully fended off the evil group of villains, taking out deadly threats from the Black Skull, King Killmonger, and the Ghost Goblin. However, with Doom Supreme bringing his variants to the battle and Mephisto taking his ultimate form against the Avengers after absorbing his own variants in the Council of Red, the Avengers got help in the form of Ka-Zar, the Herald of Galactus; Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds himself; and a new form of Deathlok who has merged with the Avengers' former Celestial base.

Now, Marvel Comics is teasing the epic fight ahead for the Avengers, with several heroes beginning the greatest "Avengers Assemble" call ever made in the history of the superteam.

Who makes up the greatest Avengers team?

The fight between the Avengers from all corners of the Multiverse and Mephisto and Doom Supreme has been building up in the comics for some time, as Jason Aaron's two "Avengers" series have seen Earth's Mightiest Heroes collect different groups of important members for the fight ahead.

In "Avengers Forever," Tony Stark's Ant-Man has worked alongside Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider (known as the powerful All-Rider) and Deathlok to go to different worlds on behalf of the Avenger Prime to recruit powerful faces to their growing team. The storyline saw Stark recruit the Multiversal Carol Corps, many versions of Captain America, as well as Thor, God of Fists, the most powerful Black Panther variant in Star Panther, and many more heroes.

Meanwhile, story threads from Aaron's "Avengers" run are finally connecting as well. Ka-Zar has brought Galactus to the battle, who has become an honorary Avenger. Deathlok's teased merger with the Avengers' Celestial Mountain has given the team another giant-sized fighter. The Avengers of 1,000,000 BC have traveled in time to defend the future. Meanwhile, the series has seen the return of Thor's granddaughters from Aaron's "Thor: God of Thunder" run, while the Phoenix-powered Wolverine has also entered the fray in the deadly battle on the side of the heroes. In the new preview for "Avengers Forever" #15, all of those storylines collide as the long-gestating storyline comes to an end.

A new preview teases the epic team-up

In the new look at "Avengers Forever" #15 by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Mark Farmer, Frank Martin, and VC's Cory Petit, readers can see the multitude of Avengers teams calling out "Avengers Assemble." Thor joins the Goddesses of Thunder, the God of Fists, and Odin in a "hurricane prayer of the Gods." A Mjolnir-wielding Captain America is battling alongside the Earth-616 version, Captain Marvel, Old Man Phoenix, Ka-Zar (fueled with the Power Cosmic), and a blade-wielding variant of Moon Knight, among others. The preview teases the importance of Starbrand and Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider in finishing the fight ahead for the Avengers.

"The greatest battle in the history of the Multiverse is raging, featuring Avengers from throughout time and space, countless different versions of Captain America and Iron Man and the God of Thunder. Yet somehow, it all comes down to one Starbrand and one Ghost Rider, who unfortunately are the only Avengers whose powers don't seem to be working."

It's exciting to see the final chapter of the current "Avengers" and "Avengers Forever" Multiversal arc come to an end. With a collective "Avengers Assemble" battle cry, the heroes are ready to put an end to Mephisto and the forces trying to take over the Multiverse.

"Avengers Forever" #15 by Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on Wednesday, March 15.