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The Avengers Just Recruited Two Powerful Cosmic Juggernauts To Join The Team

Contains spoilers for "Avengers" #66 by Marvel Comics

The Avengers are getting much-needed help as Mephisto's ultimate form is wreaking havoc in the battle to save the Multiverse. Much like in the MCU, the Multiverse has become a major focus in the comics. In "Avengers" #66, Earth's Mightiest Heroes of many different realities fight together to stop the Multiversal Masters of Evil and a giant-sized Mephisto. However, when the villains seem to be getting the upper hand, the Avengers get two significant additions to their roster: Galactus and a Celestial-powered Deathlok.

While Galactus has never been an ally of the Avengers, as the Devourer of Worlds has actually threatened its heroes and Earth in his quest to keep cosmic balance in the universe, his new herald, Ka-Zar, has given him the perfect planet to feed on that will be a massive help for the heroes. Meanwhile, Deathlok has somehow bonded with Avengers Mountain, a hollowed-out Celestial, to transform into one of his most powerful forms. With both cosmic juggernauts, the Avengers could defeat the biggest threats they've ever faced once and for all.

Galactus and Deathlok join the Avengers

"Avengers" #66 by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, David Curiel, Morry Hollowell, Erick Arcineiga, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC's Cory Petit features several groups of Avengers, led by Avengers Prime, trying to stop an army of Doctor Dooms (led by Doom Supreme) and the Council of Red (every variant of Mephisto) from taking control of the God Quarry. However, when Mephisto kills the council and absorbs their remains to grow in size and power, the Avengers prevent defeat by calling for help. Ka-Zar, the current Herald of Galactus, brings the planet-eating force to the battle and promises him the meal of a lifetime, sending him to Doom the Living Planet. Galactus is even referred to as an "honorary Avenger."

However, soon after Galactus touches down in the battle, another surprise face, Deathlok, in a Celestial form, joins the fight on the side of the Avengers. In "Avengers" 54, it was revealed Deathlok was kept alive by being plugged into Avengers Mountain, as his being was transferred into the gutted Celestial on Earth. Deathlok discovered how to evolve himself and combine his form with the former cosmic god — giving the Avengers a surprise weapon to take down Mephisto in his massive new form.

Do the Avengers have enough fire power for victory?

Ultimately, gaining the two powerful cosmic forces helps the Avengers in their fight to save the Multiverse. While Galactus can't be controlled, Ka-Zar bringing him into the fold to take out the planet variant of Doctor Doom is a stroke of genius — as the villain should certainly quell his hunger. As for Deathlok, with Mephisto growing in size and taking his ultimate form, the time-traveling hero's new Celestial stature and powers might be the perfect counter to stop the out-of-control villain.

There's a lot of work the Multiversal Avengers have to do to defeat the threats currently standing in their way. Mephisto was already difficult in his usual form, and with his power-up, he may be unbeatable. But, with Galactus becoming an honorary Avenger and Celestial Deathlok bringing his new cosmic powers to the battlefield, the heroes may have found a path to victory. While it won't be easy, their latest cosmic weapons offer the Avengers the best chance at victory they have had thus far.

Deathlok and Galactus officially join the battle in "Avengers" #66 by Marvel Comics, which is in comic book stores now.