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Mephisto's Ultimate Form Has Been Revealed Against The Greatest Avengers Team Ever

Contains spoilers for "Avengers" #66

Mephisto is making a major move to take on the greatest group of Avengers ever assembled, with the devilish villain taking on his ultimate form to try to defeat the Multiverse's mightiest heroes. In "Avengers" #66 by Jason Aaron and Javier Garron, Mephisto turns on his own Multiversal variants, leading him to transform into a mega-sized threat.

In the current "Avengers" series from Marvel Comics, the Multiversal Masters of Evil, a group consisting of some of the deadliest villains across space and time — including Black Skull, Dark Phoenix, Doom Supreme, and Kid Thanos — have gone on a warpath across the Multiverse, conquering worlds in an effort to control all realities. The Avenger Prime, a variant of Loki, has called on the greatest Avengers to assemble from different timelines to stop the biggest threat to the Multiverse, with a war breaking out at the God Quarry. But with the battle unfolding and casualties being lost on both sides, Mephisto just made his next play, killing his variants and using their essence to transform into something new.

The most powerful Mephisto has been revealed

In the epic fight at the God Quarry in "Avengers" #66, the heroes manage to score a major victory against Mephisto's Council of Red, which consists of every version of the villain from different realities. The modern-day Avengers, the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC, and the heroes collected from other realities on behalf of the Avenger Prime give the thousands of Mephisto variants all they can handle, making a significant dent in their numbers.

The Council of Red tells Mephisto they are displeased, sentencing him to death for leading them into a bloodbath. However, Mephisto has other plans. Before he can be taken out, he kills the entire council, slashing through them in a bloody fashion and leaving their bodies stacked on one another as the last one standing. Then, Marvel's devil casts a spell over their remains, causing the dead bodies to attach to him. The transformation is repulsive, Mephisto's body swallowing the corpses of the council, and he ends up taking on a single form, becoming a Celestial-sized threat for the Avengers. The ultimate form of Mephisto takes down Captain Marvel's Helicarier, quickly showing he's gained the additional powers of the devils they killed.

Mephisto's new form is the Avengers' worst nightmare

After the arrival of Mephisto's ultimate form on the battlefield and watching him toy with the greatest Avengers roster ever assembled, the team calls in even more reinforcements. Gorilla-Man, who once was outcast by Earth's Mightiest Heroes for betraying them, informs the heroes he's brought the Celestial Mountain that was the Avengers headquarters back online with the help of Deathlok — creating a new giant-sized hybrid of the ancient cosmic being and time-traveling hero. Meanwhile, Ka-Zar has returned as the Herald of Galactus, and the Devourer of Worlds joins the fight alongside the Avengers, immediately targeting Doom the Living Planet.

While stopping the Council of Red already was a considerable challenge for the Avengers from different realities, seeing Mephisto take on his ultimate form after killing his variants and stealing their powers to become something new has to feel like a setback after making progress against the devil army. Still, with the greatest heroes across space and time coming together to save the Multiverse from annihilation and more help joining them, they are more prepared than ever to stop Mephisto's ultimate form and the remaining threats to reality. "Avengers" #66 from Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.