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Jonathan Majors Is Ready To Get Back In The Ring For Another Creed Film

After stealing the show in "Creed III," Jonathan Majors has opened up about the possibility of returning to the franchise.

Michael B. Jordan made headlines when it was first revealed that he would be directing "Creed III," the first installment in the larger series to not feature Rocky (Sylvester Stallone). Rock may have been gone but the essence of the series still remained, with the Adonis Creed star more than proving his abilities both on and off the screen, delivering one of the most successful (and emotional) films in the franchise. While Jordan has been endlessly praised for his first directorial effort, the conversation around "Creed III" can't escape Majors, who headlines the threequel as the titular boxer's former friend and new adversary Damian. Applauded for playing the tortured, complicated, and diablocal Damian, Majors continues to prove that he's one of the most interesting and confident actors working.

With his presence, the highly-anticipated flick opened to over $58 million domestically and, per The Numbers, has grossed over $175 million worldwide to date. With positive box office receipts and even better reviews, all eyes are on what's next for the "Creed" franchise and Majors' Damian. Following the success of the threequel, Amazon and MGM met with Jordan to discuss the possibility of a "Creed" universe.

Could the future of the "Creed" franchise involve Majors returning? When asked by Variety, Majors says the future of his fan-favorite character belongs entirely to Adonis himself. "I will be as involved as brother Michael [B. Jordan] will let me," Majors told the outlet.

Jonathan Majors teases Michael B. Jordan's vision for the Creed franchise

Michael. B Jordan now stands victorious as the steward of the "Creed" franchise, shaping it as it expands. In his chat with Variety, Jonathan Majors played coy about what future instalments and projects could consist of, but insisted that Jordan is invested in what's next. "I don't know how far he's going to take it," Majors said. "I've seen a few things that are very exciting. It's on now. He's got the ball. He's gonna run with it."

After the impactful ending of "Creed III," it's difficult to imagine the franchise ignoring the impact Damian had on the Creed family. It would certainly be interesting to see Damian's story, either past or future, explored with more depth. While Jordan hasn't publicly announced any upcoming plans for Majors' "Creed" character, the actor-director hopes that he'll get to work with his co-star again in the near future. 

In a separate interview with Variety, Jordan and Majors said they plan on collaborating throughout their careers, similar to how actors Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino have become a big screen duo. Could Jordan make the "Creed" franchise the perfect vehicle for the superstars to unite once again? Can audiences expect a Damian-led film or series, with a cameo appearance from Adonis? Only time will tell. 

In Deadline's original report detailing what the Creedverse could possibly consist of, the outlet revealed that a spin-off series based on Creed's daughter, Amara (Mila Davis-Kent), has been flirted with. They also suggest that an anime series based on Rocky (Stallone) could also manifest.