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The Creed Franchise Is Reportedly Set To Expand With New Projects At Amazon Prime Video

Directly on the heels of the record-breaking release of "Creed III," Deadline reports that Michael B. Jordan, MGM, and Amazon are teaming up to create a "Creed" cinematic universe. According to the publication's sources, Jordan has been engaging in high-level meetings about the future of the "Creed" franchise, with the box office returns from his directorial debut sparking even more excitement among executives about its potential.

Though nothing is yet set in stone, Deadline's sources did provide prospective project concepts that check out with the direction of Jordan's "Creed III." Unsurprisingly, Jordan and co. are reportedly interested in a spin-off series that would follow Amara Creed (Mila Davis-Kent), Adonis' daughter, who showed a keen interest in the sport of boxing throughout the latest film.

In addition to this, they relay talks about an anime "Rocky" spin-off. Bizarre as it may be to imagine the Italian Stallion in a shounen tournament arc, Jordan has openly cited anime as a key influence on his vision for "Creed III." Whether or not these specific spin-offs come to fruition, the "Rocky" IP has seemed destined to evolve this way for some time.

Is it the Rocky-verse or the Creed-verse?

Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, and IP-owner Irwin Winkler have all previously made it clear that the "Rocky" franchise is far from retiring.

As far back as 2019, Stallone and Winkler were "eager" to make a seventh "Rocky" film, which would feature the titular character training a fighter in Mexico (while also tackling the issue of immigration). In the years since, however, the two men have publicly fallen out with one another, with Stallone stating that he would only return to the franchise if Winkler were not involved.

Part of this animosity seems to stem from Winkler's brash wielding of the rights to "Rocky," which almost led to an Ivan Drago spin-off movie that would see no involvement from Stallone whatsoever. Out of respect for his former co-star, actor Dolph Lundgren confirmed that he would not participate in a "Drago" film without Stallone attached as producer.

These latest machinations from Jordan and Amazon seem less entrenched in the messy, decades-long "Rocky" rights drama, with their creative team instead focused on Creed's corner of the "Rocky" franchise — or as Jordan tellingly referred to it at the premiere of his own film, "the 'Creed' universe." Whether or not Stallone and Winkler ever get out of the ring, it's clear Jordan is determined to go the distance.