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Rick And Morty's Deep Dive Into Its Prop Animation Had Fans Fascinated

Have you ever wondered how a plumbus gets made? Turns out, it has nothing to do with dinglebops or grumbos. For every object on Adult Swim's hit sci-fi comedy "Rick and Morty," from portal guns to spaceships, there's a team of people who design and animate it in a rigorous process. In a 2020 clip posted to the Adult Swim YouTube channel, the show's lead prop designer, Brent Noll, explained how he takes concepts such as the plumbus and Rick's UFO from concept to your television screen.

According to Noll, he gets a description of a proposed prop, makes multiple mockups of any given idea, then hands them to the art director, who picks their favorites. That shortened list is passed to the showrunners, who chose a single concept to work with. Noll said former co-showrunner Justin Roiland has a penchant for giving the most notes to props, which Roiland agreed he has a habit of fixating on.

The process of prop design fascinated fans in the comments of the YouTube video, who expressed their admiration for the work Noll and his team do to make the sci-fi comedy of "Rick and Morty" come to life.

Rick and Morty fans love seeing how the plumbus gets made

Fans marveled at the design process for "Rick and Morty" props, taking their hats off to the prop team and realizing how much they take the small details for granted while watching the show. "Love the attention to detail in the show and getting to see the people who make it all happen," one highly liked comment read.

Another viewer noted that while they had always been able to tell that "Rick and Morty" was meticulously created, they never thought deeply about how much work actually goes into the minute details. Some fans noted that they were envious of Noll's job, while others observed that it must at times be overwhelming to be tasked with so much animation work. Some were motivated because the video was relevant to their own career, with one fan commenting, "As an animation student watching all these behind the scenes how things get made is really inspiring."

A few fans noted how underappreciated Noll and other less publicized members of the "Rick and Morty" team are. As YouTube user Avogadro Bohr put it, "This guy plays such a vital role. He's so damn creative and the team of course that we don't get to see."